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Multi-Generational Fun!

Cliff was great in accommodating our family of 4 (12 & 14 year olds) and even a last-minute addition of Grandma! He had a knack for explaining each stop with different perspectives that excited everyone. The kids were able to get some physical activity in with a jump off rocks on the North Shore, we saw sea life and vistas extraordinaire! He was great!


The Only Way to Experience Hawaii!

My sisters and I wanted to see Hawaii and not be on a main tourist bus with hoards of others. Cliff's enthusiasm, energy and sincere drive to ensure his guests enjoy the day is paramount. We visited cool places, ate fab food, experienced culture and arts and met beautiful local people who love what they do. Oh and the gorgeous scenery. Fell in love with the North Shore. Cliff showcased the best of Oahu. Thank you Cliff! Please come visit us in Australia!


A Honeymoon Adventure Tour!

My wife and I were looking for something really special to do on our honeymoon in Hawaii and OMG we found it! Cliff took us on a "Honeymoon Adventure Photography Tour". He took us to the most beautiful places- from ridge hikes, beautiful lookouts, hidden beaches, waterfall jumps, food trucks, and more, and brought professional photography equipment to shoot fun photos of us all day. Several of the photos are fit to blow up and hang on our wall at home. It was a really amazing day, and I don't think he lists a "Honeymoon Adventure Photography Tour" on his site, but if you're honeymooners just ask for that and he'll do it. Thanks Cliff!!!


Best experience ever!

This was honestly the best experience I've had in Hawaii 😊 Cliff went out of his way to find out what we really wanted and took us wherever we wanted. He was so cool and laid back! If i come back to Hawaii I would do it again! Thanks again Cliff.


Awesome day!

My Mom and I had a great time today on the tour with Cliff. He is very friendly and warm. He makes you feel comfortable right away and even more so as the tour continues. We saw everything we asked for including a wild sea turtle, Buddhist temple, dolphins, diamond head, blow hole, hidden beach, shaved ice, shrimp truck, fresh fruit stand which was very tasty. He was very accommodating to our needs like frequent rest room stops. You never feel rushed and are able to stay at a place for as long as you want. He will even take pictures with your device for you. I think this tour was worth every penny and more. I would definitely do this again next time I am out here. Thanks again Cliff for a truly awesome day.



If you are looking for a private tour of the island you have found your guide!!!!!! We have just returned from our full day tour and we all have had a fantastic day. Cliff knows all of the "off the beaten track" places, food trucks, hidden cliff tops, turtles, dolphins, shopping, beaches, swimming spots and so much more! We finished our trip with a stop at Leonard's Bakery..........we will be back. Thank you Cliff from The Facey Family.


For the thrillseekers, nature lovers, and foodies alike

Cliff will customize the day and have it perfectly catered to your wants and needs. care to spend your day doing the things you enjoy without feeling as though youre being herded like a cattle? THIS IS THE WAY TO GO. cliff will challenge your mind with his impressive knowledge of the island but also some nerdy fun life facts and hacks.


The Perfect Day...

We did it all and then some! The first thing Cliff did was ask us what our "bucket list" was and what we pictured as the perfect day. He then asked us if we were ocean or land people, active or sightseers, foodies or not, and then put together a plan that sounded like it would be a three day adventure. Some how we did it all in a day and it was 100% what we were looking for.

We ate amazing food from places featured on the Food Network, we saw dolphins, whales, sea turtles, manta rays, horses, bunnies, a waterfall in the jungle, multiple rainbows, fantastic lookouts, drank coffee at the plantation where it was grown, hung out with local Hawaiian wood carvers, ate north shore shave ice, and I could keep going. Everywhere Cliff went people knew him, like everyone knows him!

It was our highlight of our trip and we'll be back for round two.


YOU SHOULD DO THIS TOUR- we did it twice!

We did so much, where to start...
We saw dolphins, whales, climbed two volcanos, ate at a super local shrimp truck on the north shore, sampled local snacks, drank coffee at a coffee plantation, had the best shave ice, went to hidden beaches, jungle treks to amazing lookouts... and we were off the tourist circuit the entire time too. It really was the local friends and family tour.

We moved at our own pace and saw the most we could without feeling rushed.

If you're coming to Hawaii for the first time, or even returning like we were, do this tour. This was my second time on the tour, we saw completely different things, and when I come back I'll do it again.

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Best Oahu Tour for Groups of 4 | Oahu Private Tours Circle Island Small Group Tours & Oahu Tour Packages

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Best Oahu Tour for Groups of 4 Adults | Oahu Private Tours Circle Island Small Group Tours & Oahu Tour Packages

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Hawaii Convertible Tours | Best Oahu Private Tours from Waikiki, Disney Aulani, and Turtle Bay Resort

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You'll breathe clean air and smell Hawaii's natural fragrances.

Best Oahu Tour for Groups of 4 | Oahu Private Tours Circle Island Small Group Tours — Most Popular Tour of Oahu

Terrain Mobility 🛞

You'll sit higher, go further, and get closer.

Extra Head Room ⬆️

You'll be more comfortable and can even stand up!

Hawaii Convertible Tours | Best Oahu Private Tours from Waikiki, Disney Aulani, and Turtle Bay Resort

Fun Photo Ops 📸

You'll have plenty of photos to make everyone back home jealous.

360° Visibility 🌴

Hawaii Convertible Tours | Best Oahu Private Tours from Waikiki, Disney Aulani, and Turtle Bay Resort

New Perspectives 💡

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Best Hawaii tour company with a convertible

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You'll see geographical features hidden on all other tours.

Top Rated Tour Companies in Hawaii for groups of 4 adults

The Bronco wins 🏆

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Oahu Private tour in a convertiblwe Ford Bronco

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Best Oahu Private Tour for Groups of 4 adults in an Convertible Ford Bronco

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Oahu Circle Island Tour Itinerary

Oahu Circle Island

Tour Route

Popular Routes


Hidden Gems of Oahu + Waimea Falls

Diamond Head Lookout

Halona Blowhole

Makapu'u Lookout

Macadamia Farm

Chinaman's Hat

Kualoa Vally Mountain Range

Pali Lookout

North Shore Food Truck

Tropical Fruit Stand

North Shore Sunset Beach

Waimea Botanical Garden & Waterfall

Dole Pineapple Plantaiton


Hidden Gems of Oahu + Byodo In Temple

Diamond Head Lookout

Halona Blowhole

Makapu'u Point

Byodo In Temple

Macadamia Farm

Chinaman's Hat

Kualoa Valley

North Shore Food Truck

Tropical Fruit Stand

North Shore Sunset Beach

North Shore Turtle Beach

Dole Pineapple Plantation


Oahu Circle Island Tour

Diamond Head Lookout

Halona Blowhole

Eternity Beach

Sandy's Beach

Makapu'u Lookout

Macadamia Farm

Food Truck Lunch

Tropical Fruit Stand

Turtle Beach Beach

Haleiwa Shave Ice

Dole Plantation


Oahu Grand Circle Island Tour

Diamond Head Lookout

Kahala Estates

Hanauma Bay

Halona Blowhole

Waimanalo Town

Pali Lookout

Chinaman's Hat

Kualoa Ranch

Morman Temple

North Shore Surf Beaches

Dole Pineapple Plantation

⚠️ Need to Know ⚠️

If you're a group of four adults, a family of three or four, or even just one couple wanting to do something extra special—like your surprise proposal, honeymoon, anniversary, or vow renewal, my private convertible Bronco tour is the way to go!

But make sure everyone is:

✅ 5+ years of age

✅ Semi-active & adventurous

✅ Fun & easygoing

✅ Loves convertibles, mild wind & sun

✅ Enjoys bumping local tunes

Please DON'T book my tour if:

⚠️ Someone struggles with entering or exiting a high, step-less vehicle.

⚠️ Someone has mobility issues or difficulty with uneven surfaces.

⚠️ Someone's under the age of 5.

⚠️ Someone's sensitive to sun or wind—It's a convertible, and I bought a convertible to keep the top down.

$200 + Tax / Person

  • Minimum 2 People
  • Maximum 4 People

For groups of 5+ call me at +1 (808) 800-6887.

Pickup Locations

I pickup from hotels, private residences, cruise ships—anywhere on Oahu.

Just enter your pickup location in the booking form and I'll get ya!

Pickup & Return Times

Flexible, but in general:

  • 8:00 Departure
  • 2:00 Return
  • Lifted Convertible Bronco
  • Custom Itinerary
  • Clean snorkel gear
  • Cooler for drinks
  • Great photos
  • True hidden gems
  • Lots of local intel
  • Ready-to-go back up plans in case weather or traffic changes
  • A guide who sincerely cares

Not Included

Local Lunch ($15-20 cash or card)

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Cash for lunch
  • Hair ties (for wind)
  • Sunglasses (polarized if can)
  • Fully charged phone/camera
  • A fun playlist (what's the theme?)

You can cancel anytime, for any reason, even 10 years after your tour, and get a 100% full refund & we'll still be friends—how about that!

It usually takes 5-7 business days to receive your refund.

I guarantee you'll have a better and more unique day that any other tour, BUT, if your day falls short of your expectations for any reason—even if you don't like my shirt, just let me know and I'll immediately initiate a full refund.

I stand by my tour and I promise your hard earned money will be well spent.

After booking...

  1. You'll get an immediate confirmation email with my contact info—please check your SPAM folder.
  2. The night before your tour you'll get a reminder email.
  3. The morning of I'll show up at your doorstep and we'll start our epic adventure!
  • Call (808) 800-6887
  • Email (below)
  • Website Chat (lower right)

Please book it early ⏳

Best Private Oahu Circle Island Tours for groups of 4 adults

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