Big Group Private Tours

Tips for Large Groups

  1. Plan Early: Start planning months in advance. This ensures better availability for accommodations, tours, and activities, and often better rates.
  2. Group Discounts: Inquire about group discounts for activities and tours. Many companies offer reduced rates for larger groups.
  3. Diverse Interests: Consider the varied interests within the group. Choose a mix of activities (beach days, hiking, cultural tours) to cater to different preferences.
  4. Flexible Booking: Look for tours with flexible booking policies, allowing changes if needed, as coordinating large groups can be unpredictable.
  5. Local Expertise: Use local tour operators and guides. They often provide more personalized experiences and can accommodate large groups better.
  6. Transportation Logistics: Arrange group transportation. Renting vans or buses can be more economical and convenient than multiple cars.
  7. Shared Accommodations: Consider renting large vacation homes or condos. They can be more cost-effective and foster group bonding.
  8. Group Activities: Plan for some large group activities, like a luau or a private boat charter, which can be a highlight for the trip.
  9. Individual Time: Allow free time in the itinerary. This gives individuals or smaller groups a chance to explore their interests.
  10. Communication: Maintain clear and consistent communication within the group. Consider a group chat or a daily brief to keep everyone informed.

Remember, the key to a successful group trip is balancing structured planning with flexibility. Enjoy your Hawaiian adventure!

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