Best Hawaii Food Tours in Honolulu on Oahu | Eat like a local and find Hawaii's best food you have to try!

Hawaii Food Tour


Honolulu Chinatown Food Tour

Cultivate your palate, deepen your culinary knowledge, capture Instagram-worthy photos, and get a curated foodie map to revisit your favorite spots!

Eat like a local & enjoy Hawaii's most famous food at our favorite off the beaten path hole in the wall hidden gems of Honolulu's Chinatown!

Meet your guide...

Best Hawaii Food Tours in Honolulu on Oahu | Eat like a local and find Hawaii's best food you have to try!

Honolulu Chinatown Food Tour Eats

Macha | Hawaii Food Tours | Hole in the wall


Enjoy a pure, creamy indulgence as you savor the velvety, luscious matcha latte, a vibrant emerald elixir that gracefully dances on your tongue, swirling its earthy, bittersweet notes into a sumptuous symphony.

Poke | Honolulu Walking Food Tours

Fresh Poke

Delight in a vibrant poke bowl where succulent ahi tuna cubes mingle with a medley of crunchy veggies, tropical fruits, and umami-rich sauce, creating a mouthwatering seaside fiesta of flavors.

Roast Pork | Oahu Food Tours | Most famous food in Hawaii

Roast Pork

Indulge in the divine delight of a succulent roast pork, where every juicy bite meets a heavenly caramelized crust, harmonizing with fragrant herbs and spices in a decadent symphony of flavors.

Sugar Cane | Hawaii Food Tours | What you should eat when you go to Hawaii

Sugar Cane

Savor the sun-kissed sweetness of sugar cane juice, a nectarous elixir that offers a taste of tropical paradise with each sip, like a liquid hug for your soul.

Hawaii Local Fruit | Honolulu Food Tours | Hawaii's traditional food

Local Fruit

Savor a tantalizing taste tour of the region with each bite of local fruit, from tangy citrus to luscious berries, as if Mother Nature curated a sun-kissed playlist for your palate.

Look Funn | Oahu Walking Food Tours | Most famous food in Hawaii

Look Fun

Savor the culinary magic of irresistibly silky, wide rice noodles that effortlessly intertwine with savory sauces, sizzling wok-fried veggies, and succulent meat morsels, creating an unforgettable taste experience.

Pancit | Hawaii Walking Food Tour | What you should eat when you go to Hawaii


Dive into a joyous fiesta of textures and tastes with each forkful of vibrant pancit, where Filipino noodles are intricately laced with succulent chicken, crunchy veggies, and a zesty splash of calamansi for a burst of flavor.

Thai BBQ | Honolulu Walking Food Tour | Hole in the wall

Thai BBQ

Ignite your taste buds with Thai BBQ, where marinated meats meet a sizzling grill, emerging as charred-to-perfection delicacies that harmonize with zingy sauces and vibrant herbs, creating a mouthwatering, spicy-sweet jamboree of flavors.

Thai Noodles | Oahu Walking Food Tours | Most famous food in Hawaii

Thai Noodles

Indulge in a flavorful bowl of Thai noodles, where each strand is bathed in aromatic broth, mingling with tender meat, crunchy veggies, and zesty herbs, creating a lip-smacking, tongue-tingling dance of flavors that'll leave you saying, "Sawasdee, delicious!"

Manapua | Hawaii Walking Food Tours | Hole in the wall


Delight in the joy of a fluffy manapua, a Hawaiian steamed bun, where a soft, pillowy exterior reveals a succulent, savory filling of pork, chicken, or sweet bean paste, delivering a mouthful of aloha in every delectable bite.

Pork Hash | Honolulu Food Tours | Eat like a local

Pork Hash

Savor a carnivorous comfort-food dream come true with a heaping helping of pork hash, featuring juicy, seasoned pork chunks dancing with velvety potatoes and aromatic spices, pan-fried to a golden, crispy nirvana.

Egg Tart | Oahu Food Tours | Most famous food in Hawaii

Egg Tart

Treat yourself to a melt-in-your-mouth moment of pure, golden bliss with an egg tart, featuring a scrumptious symphony of flaky, buttery crust embracing a lusciously smooth, vanilla-kissed custardy center.

Local Coffee | Hawaii Food Tours | Hole in the wall

Local Coffee

Savor a sip of Hawaii's local coffee, a liquid joy bursting with robust, homegrown flavors that seductively caress your taste buds, offering hints of nutty, chocolatey undertones and whisking you away on a caffeinated journey through the heart and soul of the region.

Banana Lumpia | Hawaii Food Tours | Hole in the wall

Banana Lumpia

Delight in a tantalizing tropical treat as sweet bananas are embraced by a crispy, golden wrapper, adorned with a sugary sprinkle, and fried to perfection, delivering a crunchy, gooey, heartwarming burst of Filipino fabulousness in every bite!

Korean Dumplings | Oahu Food Tours | Eat like a local

Korean Dumplings

Experience a flavor-packed crescendo as tender, chewy dough envelopes a riotous mix of succulent meats, zesty kimchi, and aromatic vegetables in Korean dumplings, creating a jubilant jumble of flavors and textures that'll have you saying "Annyeonghaseyo, delicious!"

Best Hawaii Food Tours in Honolulu on Oahu | Eat like a local and find Hawaii's best food you have to try!

Hawaii Food Tour Reviews...


This Food Tour is a Must!!

This was a phenomenal find! Definitely recommend this tour and do it earlier in your trip.

Lincoln was knowledgeable on all the local hot spots and will give you all the info you need where to eat for your entire trip.

The tour took us places only a local would know and we loved it!


Delicious food tour around Chinatown

The food we had was all delicious and made us do happy food dances, leaving us wanting to return for more. As a group from different backgrounds, we all enjoyed every food dish and item that we tried.

We would definitely recommend doing this tour if you want to enjoy food outside the hustle and bustle of Waikiki, and personally I would do the tour again when I return to Hawaii.

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