🇦🇺 Dear Aussies, From Hawaii....

🇦🇺 Dear Aussies, From Hawaii....

Aloha Aussies! (yes, the entire country of Australia)...

Hawaii misses you dearly, and we haven't been the same without you — it's been pretty quiet 😴

Aussies are the fun relatives that everyone looks forward to seeing when the holidays roll around — you bring the good time 🍻

It's been a rough couple of years for both our islands, and to lift the mood, we'd like to remind you why Hawaii loves you so much. So here ya go...

10 Reasons Hawaii ❤️ Aussies:

10. Aussies are fun:

You're fun to be around. Every time we see a booking from a Big Pond email we get excited, because it means our day just got an upgrade! So for being a guaranteed good time, good on ya!

9. Aussies are relaxed:

Because we offer 100% custom island tours, we always expect to get extremely detailed and are prepared to meet high expectations. But when we ask Aussies how they want to spend their day around Oahu, we always get such relaxed answers, like "We're just lookin' for a good time mate!"

It's never anything high pressure or stressful — maybe just Pipeline Beach, Waimea Bay, or some good food trucks. You make our job really easy, so good on ya!

8. Aussies are witty:

Aussies are sharp, and it's fun chatting with you throughout the day. We can always count on you for fun, engaging conversations, so good on ya!

7. Aussies speak their mind:

Aussies are bold and never settle. If something's not the way it's supposed to be, Aussie's vocalize their thoughts, but also do it in a tactful, playful manner, so good on ya!

 6. Aussies spend money:

Aussie's aren't afraid to drop money on a good time. Hawaii's economy needs you... especially Famous Footware at Waikele Outlets! How many Nike's and Converse do your really need lol!

Even though you have to deal with our hotel "resort fees," our sales tax, and our money that "all looks the same," we appreciate that you're still willing to spend some money on a good time, so good on ya!

5. Aussies have funny phrases:

We love Aussie-isms and Aussies have a lot of em. How many? Well how long's a piece of string?

Cross cultural phrases are always fun, but the ones Australia produces are pretty funny to us. So for keeping us well entertained, good on ya!

4. Aussies like to BBQ:

Aussies love a good BBQ, and so does Hawaii. We've even had groups meet us after tour to teach us how to do an authentic Bunnings "sausage sizzle!"

Outdoor grilling and a couple beers is such a great way to bring people together, and for keeping BBQ culture alive, good on ya!

3. Aussies are cultured:

Aussies are well-traveled and informed about worldly topics, while a lot of us here have trouble finding Australia on a map — it's by England right?

We appreciate Aussies' balanced perspectives on world history and current events. 

2. Aussies are down to earth:

There's a certain social grounding Aussies have that makes it really easy to connect on a sincere, deeper level. Spending the day with Aussies really is like spending the day with fun visiting relatives whom you don't want to leave. So for being fun, easy people that we look forward to hanging out with, good on ya!

1. Aussies support the underdogs:

We're a small, boutique Oahu island tour and it's impossible for us to compete with the big brands' marketing budgets, but, you Aussie's look for the little guys and know the difference.

We love Aussies and really appreciate your interest in supporting boutique experiences like ourselves — you give us more than a fighting chance, and for that, double good on ya and a big MAHALO from our small team!

Welcome back!

Hawaii's really missed you, and if nobody's told you how much you've been missed, now you know.

So from all of us in Hawaii, to all of you in Australia, from one Pacific island to another, you have a standing invite to "pop around" anytime!

And if you're staying in Waikiki, here's a map we made to help ya out 🤙🏽

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