Your Hawaii
Vacation Plan

It's all going to be ok...

If you're like most Hawaii vacation planners, right now you're suffering from "information overload."

It's overwhelming sifting through endless TripAdvisor Reviews, conflicting Facebook comments telling you "do this," "don't miss that," sponsored Ads, and affiliate blogs. It's also hard telling the difference between activity providers, resellers, and of course, the scammers.

And if it's your first trip to Hawaii, or you're planning for different ages, interests, and activity levels, then your overwhelm may just turn into anxiety or stress.

How do these sound...

"Where should we stay?"

"Is [insert activity] really worth it?"

"How should we get to...?"

"What's the best way to...?"

"Where do I even start?"

Luckily for you, you're not alone. We understand how you feel, many people feel the exact same way you do, but most find that planning their Hawaii vacation with someone physically in Hawaii makes planning much faster, easier, cheaper, and more fun too!

Hawaii Vacation Planning

Aloha, I'm Cliff...

I've been a Hawaii Tour Guide for 10 years, and also make Hawaii visitor maps for hotels.

My goal is reducing your vacation planning stress by cutting through all the "noise," so that you have the clarity you need to plan your Hawaii dream vacation with confidence and ease.

I promise you can save lots of time, money, reduce your stress, and make planning your Hawaii vacation a blast—the way it should be!

So right now take a deep breath in, hold for 10 seconds, let it go, and relax...

It's all going to be ok 🍹

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