01 Decide which Hawaii island(s) is best to visit.

Deciding which Hawaiian islands to visit on vacation depends on your personal interests and travel style. Here are some factors to consider when choosing which islands to visit:

Purpose of your trip: Are you looking for adventure, relaxation, or a combination of both? Some islands are more suited to outdoor activities, while others are better known for their tranquil beaches and resort scenes.

Climate: Hawaii's climate varies by island and time of year. Consider which island(s) have the best weather conditions for your desired activities.

Activities: Each island has its own unique attractions and activities, such as hiking, surfing, or cultural experiences. Research the different islands to see which ones align with your interests.

Geography: The Hawaiian islands offer a range of landscapes, from lush rainforests to barren lava fields. Consider the type of geography you want to experience.

Budget: Some Hawaiian islands are more expensive than others, so consider your budget when choosing which islands to visit.

Time: Consider the amount of time you have for your trip and how much you want to see and do. Some islands may require more time to fully experience.

It is also possible to visit multiple Hawaiian islands during a single trip. If you have limited time, consider visiting one or two islands, or consider taking a multi-island tour.

Vacation Planning Steps

01 Decide which Hawaii island(s) is best to visit.

02 Decide your Hawaii vacation budget.

03 Decide how long to vacation in Hawaii.

04 Pick the best time to vacation in Hawaii.

05 Schedule time off work or school.

06 Pick fun things to do in Hawaii.

07 Book popular activities in advance.

08 Plan your transportation.

09 Find Hawaii vacation deals or packages.

10 Plan your Hawaii vacation itinerary.

11 Save for your Hawaii vacation.

12 Book your flight to Hawaii.

13 Book your Hawaii cruise.

14 Book your stay in Hawaii.

15 Decide on travel insurance.

16 Prepare for your departure to Hawaii.

17 Pack your bags for Hawaii.

18 Go to your local airport.

19 Go to your airport gate.

20 Fly to Hawaii.

21 Arrive in Hawaii.

22 Get airport transportation to your stay.

23 Get to your Hawaii hotel room.

24 Start your first day in Hawaii.