TripAdvisor Reviews

Awesome tour!
"Our guide for the day Cliff is awesome and so knowledgeable in the history of Hawaii. Asked at the start what was on our tour what was on your bucket list to see, and plans the day round your requests. Also take you you local spots which were amazing, to see the turtles right on the beach was a highlight of the day. He even entertained us with local music throughout the day."

The most memorable experience
"Amazing! My friend and I toured the island and it was a blast, we got to go swimming in the beautiful ocean, hike up to see stunning views, and also try the most delicious food trucks!I would definitely recommend to any travellers to Honolulu who just want go out there and have some fun! Btw, to all the girls and guys out there, the tour guide also takes mind-blowing photos for all your social media posts so would definitely suggest you bring a few fits for photos :)

Most of all, it was just such a blast! It’s easily my most memorable experience of my Hawaii trip."

Bucket List Tour
"This is the first tour you should do when arriving! Lasts 7 to 8 hours, lots of stops at locals-only-know places, plus the must-see. Cliff was our guide and he was absolutely amazing! Gives you lots of pointers on where to go, where to eat, etc. They ask at the very beginning what is on your bucket list and make sure to get tou there, plus places you never even knew about. Highly recommend to everyone, and do it within your first or second full day. You will NOT be disappointed."

Couldn't have gone any better.
"We spent our first day in Oahu on this tour. After a long two days of travel, we weren’t sure if we had made the right decision to tour the island the first full day being here. Luckily, everything about it was phenomenal. Our tour guide was so personable, and taught us so much about the land, culture, and history of the islands. We saw some of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen and had a great idea of the spots to go back to on the rest of our trip. I highly recommend this tour."

The Best Oahu Tour
"Bucket List tours is the best Oahu tour. We had such a great day with Cliff. He showed us all the highlights of the island. He was great with my kids too. Please go support this great company. We highly recommend them!!"

A 5 Star Island Tour
"This Island Tour was fantastic! Our tour guide was the BEST! We didn’t know what to expect and he asked as soon as we got in the van- “What do you want to see?” There were six of us- three generations. He showed everyone what they wanted to see and more. It was definitely the favorite excursion of the whole family. He made the whole day a wonderful experience. It was a 5 star+ tour and we can’t say enough good things about our day!"

Great tour!
"Our tour guide was amazing, very knowledgeable about the island and the culture, very friendly and made the tour a fun day. Would definitely recommend this small tour over the larger ones!"

Just book it
"Book now…you won’t be disappointed! Want to have an honest tour of the island, avoid tourist traps & go to places you didn’t know you needed to see? Cliff & Justin will keep you laughing as they hit multiple locations along with a history lesson of the island. Worst part of the tour was saying goodbye, excellent tour & guides."

Incredible tour guide
“Absolutely amazing tour by the one and only Cliff he really knows the ins and out off the beautiful island. Got to go for a ride around island in a Red Jeep stop in by Kuala Ranch and north shore. Tried the yummy Garlic shrimp was delicious. Hands down best local knowledge and wouldn’t recommend anyone else. 🙌

Awesome private tour!
“I had a private tour with Cliff around the island which was perfect. We visited so many places , it was customised to my preference and he was extremely knowledgeable and an all round nice guy. I’d highly recommend Cliff!”

Cliff made this the best private tour in all respects
“Cliff gave us the best value private tour with local scenes locations and knowledge better than any group tour anywhere on the island, even ran into Clark Little renowned surf photographer doing his thing in wind surf and cliff tops with a drone.

Go with Cliff first before any other. Thanks Cliff ur a legend."

Fantastic Private Tour for the Whole Family
“Wow!! I will never want to set foot on a commercial tour bus again, after experiencing a PRIVATE tour with Cliff!! He checked all the boxes for a perfect day of touring the Island. My husband and I wanted to tour the island with our 7 year old, and hit attractions and hidden gems that we would all enjoy. Boy, did Cliff hit the mark! He is so professional and down to earth, and had all of us laughing and enjoying our day. He can go to places a large commercial tour can't go, and for the price, this was a no brainer! He will be my first call when planning our next trip to Oahu! From the most serene of beaches, to cliff tops, to local food truck (Food Network Fame) shaved ice, and dolphins, our day was AMAZING! Thank You Cliff!”

Island Tour
“Firstly, a special mention goes out to the photographer, tour guide, and go-to guy for anything you need or want to know about anything in Hawai‘i, and beyond. From travel tips, photos, and general knowledge Cliff was a professional and easy going bloke that made our day unbelievably better. I would recommend Cliff to anyone visiting Hawai‘i that wants a realistic & honest person to be along side them, Cliff speaks multiple languages and has visited the majority of the world which makes his travel advice very real. Thanks Cliff!!”

Amazing Day with Cliff!
“We (my husband, 4 year old, and I) recently returned from a wonderful 2 week vacation on Oahu and Maui. We booked Cliff to tour Oahu early on our trip. It was definitely one of the highlights! It was our first time in Hawaii. Like many other reviewers, spending the day with Cliff was like spending a day with an old friend who knew the area. We chatted a few times prior to the tour on what we wanted to see and Cliff nailed them all. He was very easy going and made you feel at ease. Cliff and my husband spent 15 min putting in the car seat. What a patient man (Cliff - not my husband). We also had some great conversations and Cliff stopped by a market on the way back for us to pick up dinner. On our tour, we saw dolphins, sea turtles, spent time at Waimea Bay, Nu'uanu Pali Lookout, Mike's Hulu Chicken food truck, and lots others. We covered a lot on the tour, even with our little one. We saw both touristy and local sites. Of course you can rent a car and drive the island but what I'll always remember: Cliff pointing out mimosa pudica plants (you touch it and it shrinks), Cliff showing my daughter how to smash and feed macadamia nuts to chickens, stopping to pet horses on a road, Cliff pouring us the real 100% Kona coffee vs. the ones they put out for tourists, stopping at this amazing little fruit stand on the side of the road with the sweetest pineapple and delicious banana roll up thing, and Cliff showing us this incredible Hawaiian mesquite salt. Those we would never have found ourselves. We truly had an amazing day. I highly recommend touring with Cliff - coming from someone who never writes reviews (but loves reading them). My 4 year old daughter still asks about Cliff!”

Cliff, more exciting than Cliff Hanger
“Move over Stallone, Cliff knows more about Hawaii than rocky knows about being punched in the face.

He asked us for a list and said "I'll string it together for you"

Needless to say, he delivered and then some.

We saw the sunrise, hiked, met mongooses and cats, made friends with a dog, went rock jumping, and then got super close to a whole bunch of turtles! We even received some extremely interesting information about the endangerment of the species from a friendly local.

Had some quality lunch from some local food trucks and got plenty of advice
about where to best spend our time while on the island.

Cliff, you're a bloody legend, see you again soon!


Two day tour of Oahu
“I signed up for two one day tours with Cliff after reading the amazing reviews online. I had been to Hawaii several times however, this was the first trip with my sons age 15 and 23 years old. We stayed in Waikiki because I wanted the action and activities of the city however, also wanted them to see the beauty of the island outside of Waikiki. I decided to book the east shore and north shore tours a few days apart. I can truly say that this has been one of my favorite vacations and I have traveled quite a bit. Cliff had a gift of connected to people to determine how to share the island in a unique way. His gift of the gab and easy going nature made it a wonderful experience. Ultimately, we saw many local gems including amazing hikes, swims with sea turtles, some fun cliff jumping, tried local food trucks, and even shared a drink with the chiefs brother. I was also fortunate to be brought to an amazing art gallery to purchase a one of a kind Furuike painting. Thank you to Cliff for two days that my boys and I will always remember. All the best to you on your life journey!”

Awesome indeed!
“Cliff could not have been more awesomer! I know that isn't a word, but it should be to describe our experience. I had to call Cliff the night before we were scheduled to arrive from North Carolina for our Saturday tour with him. The airlines had delayed our flight out of NC, which meant we would not arrive in Honolulu when we had planned. Cliff accommodated our new arrival time and was waiting for us when we arrived at the airport. We only had a few hours before boarding our cruise ship, so he took us to as many places as he could within that time frame. Wish we had had more time to stop at more places, but it was great to see the places he wanted to show us. A very personable, professional tour guide!”

Awesome Tour
“What a wonderful day we spent with Cliff. My husband, little ones and I dot like ordinary tours. We love seeing the sights as the locals the beaten path with an authentic experience. This is exactly what we got with Ohana Island Tours.

We got to see some pretty amazing sights, dolphins, rays, beaches, and eat some amazing shave ice and visit a local food truck with some delicious dishes.

We highly recommend this one of a kind experience - worth every cent!”

Amazing personal tour guide!!!!!!!!!!!
“If you are traveling to Oahu and need someone to show you around and take you to places off the beaten path, look no further than Cliff!!!!! My wife and I had a blast from beginning to end and Cliff made sure the rain didn't put a damper on our day. He picked us up promptly at 7am at our hotel and chauffeured us to our first stop to get coffee and an close up view of dolphins!!!!!! We then headed to some of the most amazing lookout points to take some great pics (I'll post them here soon). We followed that up with a stop at the Macadamia Nut Factory (Free samples) and a visit to Lanakai Beach (Voted top 10 beaches in the world) and a tour of the North Shore. We stopped at an amazing local food truck with fresh garlic shrimp and steak that was so good my wife and I are planning a return trip before we head home. We tasted some of the best Shave Ice that the island has to offer before making our way back to our hotel. Our tour was fully customizable and Cliff made sure to make our day with him about us and making sure we were having a great time. Make sure to contact Cliff if you are coming to Oahu and want to see the island in a way that you will remember. Thanks for an amazing day Cliff”

Oahu Windward Tour with a Few Surprises
“Our family enjoyed spending the day with Cliff. He was prompt, knowledgeable about the island, and very excited about his adopted home. Cliff went out of his way to even take us to a remote area that we'd been recommended by friend's friend. Lunch was a special treat, hikes were pretty neat, and best of all the beaches were pretty darn amazing. As a followup, Cliff texted us a suggested itinerary for our solo trip to the North Shore later in the week. Definitely made our family trip
To Oahu special.”

Not just a man with a van
“Its been exactly two weeks from today that my family and I spent an idyllic day with the man with the van. My family and I are still reliving the beautiful sights that Cliff showed us of his Hawaii. As one of the prior reviewers remarked, a tour with Cliff is like visiting an old friend and having him show you around to his favorite spots. Its truly a unique experience to be on a tour without many restrictions for time and the freedom to chart your own course. We started off bright and early with an up close and personal visit with dolphins which the kids enjoyed and a cup of coffee which the adults needed. From there it was a whirlwind of beautiful vistas, sandy hidden beaches, and fun filled facts and anecdotes from the guide. My family was not up for any strenuous activities like hiking or water sports. We were in the mood to relax and just soak in the sights and sounds of paradise and partake of its local foods. Cliff more than complied, by filling our bellies with Mikes huli chicken and garlic shrimp, chocolate macadamia's and the best piping hot malasadas from Leonards. The seven hours we hung out with him went by so fast and we only really saw the east shore of Oahu. You can tell Cliff really loves the island and he wants to share it with all of his visitors. His personalized tours are so much more memorable than your standard Gray Line experience. If you have a chance to visit Oahu and you want a nontouristy, memorable and laid back experience, call the man with the van. We cant wait to return to see the North shore of Oahu with him. As an end note ....Cliff is a fabulous photographer and will take photos on the tour. I forgot to ask him though how to get copies of the photos. If you see this review Cliff can you let us know.”

An Aussie Kindred Spirit
“If you are looking for a local who can take you to not only the best places to visit but also some hidden gems, then Cliff is your man. He personalized the day around what we wanted to do, gave us time to swim, and stayed out longer than our booked 5 hours. His goal was to make sure we enjoyed it and got what we wanted out of the day - he makes lots of suggestions but the decision was all ours. If you are an Aussie traveler you will find a kindred spirit in Cliff. I would highly recommend his tours and hope to come back and do another soon!”

Perth aussie travellers top adventure tour!
“This is the second time I've had Cliff as my tour guide and he never dissapoints! Being an aussie traveller, when I come to Hawaii I seek adventure and Cliff provides. The best thing about his private tours is that they are customised to what suits you and what your levels of adventure are. We asked for hikes and ocean activties and he had us covered! He finds those hidden gems away from the crowds and those breath taking views that make Hawaii that special place you will always remember and treasure. His personality, professionalism and love of the island is second to none. He's not your ordinary tour guide, he becomes part of your family and your friends and gets involved in everything just as much as you do! Highly recommend him to anyone and for any type of tour you desire!”

Like seeing the island with a good friend
“The best way I can explain this tour is by thinking about a friend that has lived in an area for a long time and takes you out and shows you all of the places that many of the locals know about, but may get overlooked if trying to see things on your own or if you were to go with a large tour group. Cliff picked us up at our condo and spent the next 8 hours showing us many of the best parts of O'ahu. We stopped for snacks of Macadamia nuts and had lunch at Marcus' food truck. We even made an impromptu stop to watch dragon boat races that we were lucky enough to encounter. Cliff and his wife Carissa were fantastic! My wife and I had a great time and loved the personal attention that Cliff and Carissa showed us on this tour. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone that wants to see the best of O’ahu.”

Best Island Tour Ever!
“Cliff is an amazing tour guide who genuinely loves to show families a good time! It's hard to believe we fit the entire tour in 6 hours, and we had enough time to enjoy each spot! We saw multiple hidden beaches, enjoyed local food, entered a cave, visited beautiful lookouts and enjoyed some island music! Highly recommend this tour for those looking for non-touristy locations and beautiful scenery! Cliff is also an amazing photographer so get the media package with the tour! Thanks Cliff for making our trip to Honolulu a memorable one!”

Multi-Generational Fun!
“Cliff was great in accommodating our family of 4 (12 & 14 year olds) and even a last-minute addition of Grandma! He had a knack for explaining each stop with different perspectives that excited everyone. The kids were able to get some physical activity in with a jump off rocks on the North Shore, we saw sea life and vistas extraordinaire! He was great!”

“I don't believe that a private tour can get any better than this one. When it comes right down to it, it's the guide's personality that will make or break your tour. Oahu is beautiful and all guides should know the highlights to show you. It's the exceptional guide that is gregarious, insightful, well spoken, inquiring and thoughtful. Cliff is the man, a genuine good soul, who we thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with. Should he ever come to Austin, TX, we would love to show him around. Mahalo Cliff!”

Amazing tour of Oahu!
“I read the great reviews and decided to call Cliff when we arrived at our hotel and the next day we had a private tour set. He picked us up at our hotel and we spend the entire morning and afternoon with him. Cliff designed a fabulous tour for our family of four. It was our first time touring the island, and what beautiful hidden gems we were able to see. Cliff was so great, we spent two days with him and met his wife. We can now say we have friends on the island. We have two girls, ages 9 and 16. He customized our trip based on our daughters request. My oldest daughter wanted to see Tide Pools. We went to Shark Cove on day one and the second day we went to Makapu'u. Book a tour with Cliff, you will not be disappointed!

Thanks Cliff, we hope to see you soon!”

An amazing tour for a family of four!
“Wow! What an amazing tour we had today with such a friendly and informative guide. My family of four (Husband, six year old daughter, 3 year old son and myself) had the pleasure of having Brandon as our tour guide who was lovely with my children and took us to the most amazing little spots on the island. We had explained that we liked animals and we saw many along the way as well as stopping at some special stops suggested by Brandon. He was understanding of our kid's needs and was very flexible with any changes that we wanted to make to our itinerary. I totally recommend using this company, very professional and courteous.”

Only day in Oahu and it was Fantastic
“My wife and I are in Hawaii for our 10 year wedding anniversary and our first island stop was Oahu. We only had one full day on the island and we were extremely happy we booked it with Tour Guide Cliff. We read so many positive reviews before booking, so we knew we were in for a treat.

He picked us up outside our hotel lobby at 8 am in his air conditioned van. First impression was that he's a really genuine guy with a firm handshake, which means a lot. We chatted on the ride so he could get to know us and get a feel for what kinds of interests we have. We tend to be terrible at making decisions so I'm glad he's a pro at this.

Our first stop introduced us to some sea life. We saw sea turtles, a sting ray, and dolphins. We were lucky enough to meet some trainers and scientists, who explained their studies on oxygen consumption in dolphins.

We made several stops afterwards, including many lookout points and beaches with great photo ops that were off the beaten path. Once you get outside downtown Waikiki, the island has so many hidden gems, and Cliff knows them all.

We later made a stop for lunch at Shark's Cove and followed that up with the best shave ice on the North Shore. Our final stop included a rum tasting at a local sugarcane distillery, which was on the way back to our hotel.

My wife and I had such an enjoyable day with Cliff. He's such a friendly and intelligent person. We had a lot of interesting conversations and he has many brilliant ideas. He took numerous pictures and videos of us, and to top it off, he has a great eye as a photographer. We highly recommend Cliff whether you have one or ten days to visit Oahu.”

Our group of 6 had a great day with this guy!
“Our group of 6 ladies booked a day out with Cliff after reading all the great reviews on Trip Advisor. For most of us it was our first time in Oahu and we saw some beautiful places while we circled the island with him. He asked what we were interested in, we told him we wanted to see scenery and that we did! Nothing was too much trouble. Cliff was happy to wait in the vehicle circling the carpark (no parking available – sorry Cliff!) while we had a swim towards the end of our day. We even left something in his vehicle which he returned to us a couple of days later and this was much appreciated. Our tour went over time, partly due to the food truck guy taking forever to arrive and open up, and partly due to a quick stop we wanted to make, but it didn’t seem to be a problem. Highly recommend spending a day with this guy!”

Best tour
“Don't book any tours till you have spent the day with Cliff! Family with one teenager, we were shown the best spots away from big tours and crowds. Saw dolphins, sea turtles, incredible views and the best lunch and the most amazing beach! Friendly guy who knows the island. Would definitely book again and certainly recommend anyone coming to Waikiki”

Life Time Experience
“We stumbled on Cliff at our hotel. He asked if we are the group that he is taking for the day. Unfortunately not. This charming gentleman took us in the next following day. Are you kidding me. This was the best experience we had ever had on vacation. Life time experience. Took us places no tourists would be able to go. We have found a lifetime friend. Don't get stuck at the hotel and trying to find your way around. Call him! Book him! Fantastic. I had pictures that looks like we have been there for a month. It was awesome. Thanks Buddy for the best family memories! Cheers

Great Tour
“Cliff was a great tour guide - relaxed and completely accommodating. He created a custom day to suit our interests and needs. He took us to see tons beautiful views and knew the great places to eat. He is particularly good at adventure, but he was completely willing to help customize things for a recent injury of mine. I had never tried Hawaiian ice before, but I am glad I did because it was much different than I expected. He he took us to places that are off-the-beaten-path and showed us more local character. It was my favorite day in Oahu and was worth every minute of time.”

The Only Way to Experience Hawaii!
“My sisters and I wanted to see Hawaii and not be on a main tourist bus with hoards of others. I found Cliff on TripAdvisor, and was not disappointed. Cliff's enthusiasm, energy and sincere drive to ensure his guests enjoy the day is paramount. We visited cool places, ate fab food, experienced culture and arts and met beautiful local people who love what they do. Oh and the gorgeous scenery. Fell in love with the North Shore. Cliff showcased the best of Oahu. Thank you Cliff! Please come visit us in Australia!”

A Honeymoon Adventure Tour!
“My wife and I were looking for something really special to do on our honeymoon in Hawaii and OMG we found it! Cliff took us on a "honeymoon adventure photography tour". He took us to the most beautiful places- from ridge hikes, beautiful lookouts, hidden beaches, waterfall jumps, food trucks, and more, and brought professional photography equipment to shoot fun photos of us all day. Several of the photos are fit to blow up and hang on our wall at home. It was a really amazing day, and I don't think he lists a "honeymoon adventure photography tour" on his site, but if you're honeymooners just ask for that and he'll do it. Thanks Cliff!!!”

Amazing way to experience the island!
“My husband and I aren't really a fan of crowds so I tried to find a personal guide that could show us less of the crowded hot spots and more of the smaller or not as well known spots - Cliff fit the bill perfectly! I don't think there is anything "secret" on the island anymore but Cliff did an AMAZING job of taking us to some off the beaten path spots. We got to spend time with true Hawaiian locals, went to beaches that we had almost completely to ourselves and hiked some trails we would have never found on our own. We actually booked two days with Cliff because we decided that would be better than renting a car and trying to figure things out on our own - this was well worth it!! We only had 3.5 days on Oahu and Cliff even gave us tips on what to do on our day without him. His wife joined us on day 2 (he asked if this was ok, which of course it was - the more the merrier!) and she was wonderful! It felt even more personalized having her with us. I would recommend Cliff to anyone - groups, couples, families, thrill seekers, sight seers - he is truly a pleasure to get to know and really cares about understanding what you want to do and trying to make it happen. Take the worry out of planning and just book a day (or 2) with Cliff! Note: if you decide to rent a car and tour the island on your own (which I don't recommend) be careful of break ins and make sure not to leave ANYTHING in your car. Being with Cliff is great because he knows the good & risky spots and will stay with the car when needed to ensure this doesn't happen.”

Best birthday ever!
“Cliff was so friendly and gave us a unique experience! He showed us the best parts of Oahu, including places we didn't even know about so we would definitely recommend a tour with Cliff. You won't regret it!”

Best experience ever!
“This was honestly the best experience I've had in Hawaii 😊 cliff went out of his way to find out what we really wanted and took us wherever we wanted. He was so cool and laid back! If i come back to Hawaii I would do it again! Thanks again Cliff.”

Fun Custom Private tours
“If there is one indicator of a good experience, it's choosing to return to the same provider. I've booked Cliff on three occasions and I'll consider myself lucky to book him again.

Cliff listens. He is interested in giving you a great experience and aligning your expectations with the best that Oahu has to offer. Cliff knows the hidden spots, he knows great food all over the island, and he is respected and welcomed by vendors, hotel staff, and fellow tour operators alike.

You won't go wrong with Cliff. He's accommodating, knowledgeable, and entertaining.”

Ultimate Oahu Family Tour!!!
“Traveling as a family of 5 with a kid in his teens and two toddlers, we were definitely looking for something custom, flexible, and fun for everyone. Not so easy, usually, but Cliff made it easy. We didn't have to do or plan a thing, Cliff did everything. I hate to say this but it was also like a private tour away from our kids even though our kids were with us. Cliff balanced between our two toddlers, our teenage son, and the two of us parents. And while Cliff was entertaining the kids at the beach, we parents actually had quiet parent time away from the kids, which we had already written off from day one as impossible. It was just a smooth, easy, amazing, relaxed, perfect day. Just do it and you'll see what we mean. In short, if your a family traveling to Oahu with kids and you're worried about finding the "fun activity" that everyone will enjoy, well it's Cliff's island tour.”

Awesome day!
“My Mom and I had a great time today on the tour with Cliff. He is very friendly and warm. He makes you feel comfortable right away and even more so as the tour continues. We saw everything we asked for including a wild sea turtle, Buddhist temple, dolphins, diamond head, blow hole, hidden beach, shaved ice, shrimp truck, fresh fruit stand which was very tasty. He was very accommodating to our needs like frequent rest room stops. You never feel rushed and are able to stay at a place for as long as you want. He will even take pictures with your device for you. I think this tour was worth every penny and more. I would definitely do this again next time I am out here. Thanks again Cliff for a truly awesome day:)”

“If you are looking for a private tour of the island you have found your guide!!!!!! We have just returned from our full day tour and we all have had a fantastic day. Cliff knows all of the "off the beaten track" places, food trucks, hidden cliff tops, turtles, dolphins, shopping, beaches, swimming spots and so much more! We finished our trip with a stop at Leonard's Bakery..........we will be back. Thank you Cliff from The Facey Family”

Best tour ever!!!
“We came to Waikiki for Easter break and had the best tour we could imagine! We have 2 girls, 9 and 13 and they said "coolest day ever ". Trip completely tailored to your wants by an informative exciting host! Trust cliff for a great trip! This is an honest review , please email me with any questions. Pro that knows all local spots and best views, from dolphins to surfers, cliff is the man!🤘”

Best Day of Our Vacation
“I was hesitant booking something online and it couldn't have worked out better. Cliff took us places that were off the map and showed us what the locals get to see. He made it so relaxing and chill just like hanging out with one of our friends. I highly would recommend him to anyone who wanted to see REAL Oahu! Thanks for the memories Cliff”

An insight into O'ahu and America
“Cliff came recommended by Trip Advisor and it wasn't wrong. He's a top man and considering we didn't give him a lot to go on (we had no idea what we wanted to do) he put a pretty cool tour together for us which encompassed beaches, cliffs (no pun intended), turtles, dolphins, country markets, wood carvers, food trucks, and a variety of secret spots and off the beaten track places that we would never have found.

Along the way Cliff kept up a steady stream of anecdotes, useful tips and jokes to help pass the time. He had no problem talking about American politics, the health system, photography and an array of topics that we threw at him over the course of the day. In some ways, the dialogue that ensued between Cliff, Charisa (his partner), my wife and I was as good as the sight seeing! He's a very interesting guy and it was a pleasure to meet him and Charisa.

Great work Cliff - I highly recommend this tour.”

This is the way to go!!!
“Cliff was able to take us to places that tour busses don't go. He made our once in a lifetime vacation totally worth the trip. We were able to see and do so much in one day that other tours couldn't. Touring with cliff was like having a friend show you around. Cliff is the man!!!”

Fantastic 2-Day tour of O'ahu. Highly recommended.
“My husband and I did the 2-day tour of O'ahu with Cliff and we are so happy that we did. Cliff will tailor your tour for your group; he is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. He took us to many hidden vistas, empty beaches, beautiful walks and hikes, and snorkeling locations. He knows the best coffee, lunch and snack spots. We spent day-1 exploring the east side of O'ahu and day-2, the north side. We really got a feel for how different these areas are; O'ahu is quite diverse with many stunningly beautiful, hidden spots. These are places we never would have found on our own. Cliff makes it easy for Hawaiian visitors - he does all the driving and the planning; he continually asks what you are interested in and makes the day wonderful. We are looking forward to going back to O'ahu soon and getting the Day 3 tour of the west side of the island!”

Amazing Day with Tour Guide Cliff
“We spent Monday, March 13th with Cliff. He picked us up right on time in a cool, comfortable van with plenty of room to accommodate our family of 5. As we drove to our first location, Cliff chatted with each of us about what we felt was most important. Cliff told us a little about himself and the journey that led him to becoming a tour guide in Honolulu. You might think that spending the entire day with a stranger could be awkward, but Cliff has a warm, friendly, easy going personality that immediately makes everyone feel at ease and excited about what lies ahead. Our very first stop took us to a beautiful resort where we saw dolphins, turtles and rays. Cliff built the entire day around us and what we were interested in. We visited stunningly beautiful beaches, spent time at a temple, visited stunning scenic lookouts, saw turtles in the wild, lunched at food trucks on the North Shore and had some delicious shave ice...just to name a few of our adventures. We would highly recommend Cliff. Cliff's personalized tour is the perfect way to see Oahu! We had a perfect day and made memories that will last a lifetime!”

Best Tour. Highly recommend Cliff
“Cliff took us and another couple on the tour. It was fabulous. Cliff will customize the tour around your wants, interests, etc. We did the east side of Honolulu and WOW are we ever glad we did. The beaches were fabulous, we saw the Japanese temple, and so many other sights. We stopped at a food truck called Mike's Huli Chicken in Kahaluu. Fantastic meal for a great price. I highly recommend eating there. The day started and 8 a.m.and we returned around 3 p.m. Cliff has a van so lots of room. We could of swam at one of the beaches but opted not to. Great tour guide with a winning personality.”

Insider sightseeing, authentic Hawaii
“Cliff is your man if you're looking for a personalized tour in Oahu!

Your tour starts off by Cliff taking into account group size, age, activity level, interests, and your "must see" list. He will show you things that you could never find/see without a local guru guide and he will pack in multiple days worth of sightseeing in a single day....but you will NOT feel rushed. Cliff took all of the headache out of navigating a foreign environment but left all of the adventure and authenticity.”

for the thrillseekers, nature lovers, and foodies alike
“cliff will customize the day and have it perfectly catered to your wants and needs. care to spend your day doing the things you enjoy without feeling as though youre being herded like a cattle? THIS IS THE WAY TO GO. cliff will challenge your mind with his impressive knowledge of the island but also some nerdy fun life facts and hacks.”

Get out and about
“We had a great day with Cliff. He was very accomodating to what we were interested in. We were taken off the beaten track to see amazing views, experience beautiful beaches, taste amazing food and see the real Hawaiin way of life. Cliff had heaps of information to share , in a friendly way that was fun and interesting.great day that I would highly recommend.”

“Cliff is extremely energetic and passionate about what he does...Let him know what you would like to see and then he adds a little more with a few surprises...Our family consisted of ages 50, 21 & 5 and we all had a great day... The island isn't big and you could hire a car and drive around yourself however Cliff knows all the local spots for private sightseeing, to great places to eat & traffic shortcuts... Money well spent!! Thanks Cliff hope all your adventures & dreams come true soon x Jenny”

FIVE STAR +++++++
“What a blast. What a fantastic way to start a Hawaiian vacation. Meet Jake, Cliff's sidekick. We spent a whole day with Jake and will never forget it or him. From omelettes on the beach to Macadamia nuts to the surf competition at Pipeline, Jake made our day memorable. No plans, no requirements, "Jake, take us places you like to go!". Fantastic. Places no tour bus would ever go, just our personal guide. Shrimp for lunch? Let's go to the shrimp farm on the north coast. Excellent. If you want a full day of Oahu, contact Tour Guide Cliff for a memorable vacation!”

Tailored to your every need
“Cliff did an awesome job of taking us to special places and accommodating everything from an active 28 to an 89 year old who needed a little special attention. And he is a great driver.”

Best Tour EVER
“Hands down the best tour I've ever been on. From the minute Cliff came bounding out of his van toward us I knew it was going to be a good day. I had thought it might be uncomfortable driving around the island with someone we just met, but after a few minutes of talking, Cliff didn't seem like someone we just met. I had a list of different things we wanted to see, and without even looking at the list he knocked them all out and then some! Took us to the best food truck on the North Shore, the Island Breez. Delicious garlic shrimp, my Mom got the steak plate and ate every last bite. Saw all of the sites we had read about, some we didn't know about. In between stops he gave us info about the island. We had a ton of laughs, I can't go on enough about what a fantastic job he does. Do this tour, you will not be disappointed.”

Great Experience!
“Cliff was great! He picked us up where we wanted, was on time, and dropped us off where we needed. He was very accommodating and did what we wanted to do. We packed a lot of sight seeing in one short day. He is a very pleasant person to get to know and fun. His vehicle is very clean and he does a great job letting you see parts of Honolulu that most do not know about.”

Not a tour guide but a tour of Hawaiian experience
“Cliff is the goto Man for real taste of Hawaii. In a few hours we had a local breakfast, swam in an amazing secluded beach, fantastic views, sat next to a Monk Seal ,turtle , visited famous surf breaks, the best Shaved Ice and local pumpkin spice coffee. Cliff showed the Dragons Eye and where you dive into the ocean from cliff .. try it if you dare ! I travel a lot 5 times in 2016 and Cliff is it.”

Recommend highly!
“This tour was fantastic! Can't say enough about it. We fitted a few days worth of locations into one adventure of a day. Cliff's knowledge of the island is exceptional. Highly recommend to anyone wanting a proper tour of Hawaii!”

Amazing day, rare experiences
“The whole family really enjoyed this tour, it was packed with fun and unique experiences. I would definitely recommend this tour.”

No complaints!
“This was hands down the best 'tour' I have been on, if you could even call it a tour. It felt so informal and relaxed. Cliff had an endless amount of knowdledge on each location and was friendly to everyone in the van. Made everyone feel very comfortable and finished the day knowing so much more about Hawaii!”

The Perfect Day...
“We did it all and then some! The first thing Cliff did was ask us what our "bucket list" was and what we pictured as the perfect day. He then asked us if we were ocean or land people, active or sightseers, foodies or not, and then put together a plan that sounded like it would be a three day adventure. Some how we did it all in a day and it was 100% what we were looking for.

We ate amazing food from places featured on the Food Network, we saw dolphins, whales, sea turtles, manta rays, horses, bunnies, a waterfall in the jungle, multiple rainbows, fantastic lookouts, drank coffee at the plantation where it was grown, hung out with local Hawaiian wood carvers, ate north shore shave ice, and I could keep going. Everywhere Cliff went people knew him, like everyone knows him!

It was our highlight of our trip and we'll be back for round two. ”

YOU SHOULD DO THIS TOUR- we did it twice!
“We did so much, where to start...
We saw dolphins, whales, climbed two volcanos, ate at a super local shrimp truck on the north shore, sampled local snacks, drank coffee at a coffee plantation, had the best shave ice, went to hidden beaches, jungle treks to amazing lookouts... and we were off the tourist circuit the entire time too. It really was the local friends and family tour.

We moved at our own pace and saw the most we could without feeling rushed.

If you're coming to Hawaii for the first time, or even returning like we were, do this tour. This was my second time on the tour, we saw completely different things, and when I come back I'll do it again.

Perfect for first time visitors!
“So happy we booked with Cliff! This was our first time to Hawaii and we wanted to see the most we could in one day. We saw everything we asked to see and Cliff showed us other spots that just made the day better. There was no way we could have rented a car and found all these…

Awesome! Highlight of our trip!
“We had the best day with Cliff. He showed us the most amazing places in Oahu; it was like traveling around with an old friend. We recommend Cliff highly; he has great local knowledge and is a genuinely nice (and funny) guy. Thanks for an amazing day. From the Hammond’s,…”

Amazing Day!
“Very good tour! had an amazing day touring the island with Cliff. He was very accommodating and planned things for us. This was a great way to get to see the entire island which helped us for the rest of the week. Hanging out with Cliff was like being with a friend. I highly…”

Our day with TourGuide Cliff
“We are a group of six from Australia and we were keen to see the sights outside of busy Waikiki. To experience the 'real' Hawaii we didn't really want to see the commercial or cliche style attractions, this is where Cliff delivered big time! We stopped at some obscure and hidden…”

Best family day out ever!!
“After researching a tour guide who seemed interesting and not the same as any other , i found tour guide Cliff! Trying to find someone could retain the interest of four children (11, 13,16,17) was going to be a big task ! But What an amazing day my whole family had.
The tour was off the track and personal. Unlike any other. We went all over the island and saw things we will never forget. The kids came up with ideas and Cliff came up with fantastic places to take them.
We have a day of fantastic memories that we will never forget!
Next time we are back i will be booking a few days ! Not just one!
Thanks tour guide cliff for creating magical happy memories we will never forget!!”

Awesome day !
“Just wanted to say Tour Guide Cliff is the pinnacle of all tours , it's not like your normal tour guide - he tailors the day to your needs as well as expenditure , it's a private tour so you can just go as a couple and no one else . Highly recommended!”

Best day of my life
“The tour with cliff was absolutely amazing. It was a perfect balance of land, water, sight seeing, culture and food. He puts so much effort into giving us the best day and he succeeds. He shows the true heart of the island, were we were able to discover the culture of Hawaii, breaking free from the retail end of waikiki. He made the day so enjoyable, and honestly I could not have had a better day. Cliff is truly one of a kind, and the best at what he does.”

Tour Guide Cliff delivers!!
“Greeted by a 7:45 AM text for our 8:00's scheduled departure time let me know this guy was as excited about the day we were about to have as we all were. The text read "I'm downstairs in shorts, bare feet, & black windbreaker" which reassured me that this guy is THE REAL DEAL!!
As we walked out of the hotel to see him, barefoot and all, we were greeted not by a friendly handshake, but rather a energizing high five which had me more amped than the mocha in my other hand. As we got in the van all we heard from him were questions, "what do you like to do? Where would you like to go? How active do you want to be? What have you read/heard was great to do here?" We told him what we wanted to do off of the questions he asked us and from there, he delivered. He gave our family the most action packed, wonderful sight seeing adventure a group can do. Sure you can get on a 60 passenger bus and see a couple spots along a "tour", but what Cliff gives you is a combination of local knowledge and rich experience. Cliff has an incredible life story of travels that only enhance the experience.
Cliff can make your tour a "walk in the park" or you can get a solid workout in while seeing these amazing sights. I recommend getting active and checking out the volcanoes, craters and everything else Oahu has to offer.
Don't leave Oahu without a tour by Tour Guide Cliff!!”

How awesome is a day with Cliff? Real awesome.
“On our trips we always book one day with a local tour guide with solid reviews on trip advisor. We were not disappointed to spend a day with Cliff. He picked us up in his cool minivan and we went lots of places the biggest tours would never go. We have fried banana lumpia and fresh avocado from a roadside stand, got samples of so many macadamia nuts, saw sea turtles on the west side and north shore and climbed volcanic rocks behind a residential development. Food truck shave ice seeing the ocean glory. Cliff was aware and always interested in customizing the day to what we wanted even stopping at a climbing shop for our daughter. We got away from the trex and saw the local sights all thanks to him with all of us reporting on the day via video taped by Cliff throughout. A highlight of our trip and the teenagers said "10 out of 10 would recommend." Mahalo for a great day Cliff.”

OMG Do this now!
“I was worried about planning a tour for my family since we all have different interests, activity levels, and diets but Cliff’s tour was 100% what we were looking for! The entire day was custom built for our group specifically- he started off the day by asking “what have you heard about? What are you interested in? What’s your activity level? Like more time in the water or on land? Any dietary limitations? What’s your dream day? What would make this the best day on your vacation?!!!! And then he went to work and like that came up with the most epic, custom, unforgettable day. He made suggestions about roughly how long most people spend at each spot, but never looked at the clock to rush us. He let us come back at our own pace. The guy is also a photographer AND videographer and took creative and even trippy photos and videos for us the whole time and at the end he had our whole day artistically edited into a photo & video timeline which he sent to our iPhones for immediate share. From dolphins, secret beaches & gorgeous lookouts to coconut drinks, fried bananas, and Food Network featured food trucks, to ending the day relaxing in the middle of a coffee plantation enjoying a bottle of champagne we had brought, it was what our family was looking for.

Thanks Cliff. That was really really nice.”

Cliffs very awesome tour
“We booked this trip due to the reviews from others on Tripadvisor. We were not disappointed! From the moment Cliff picked us up from our hotel we had a good feeling about what lay ahead. We had a lovely full day which included things we would never have found on our own. To give you a quick flavour we experienced 5 star luxury hotels, Dolphins, sea turtles, spitting caves, hikes with fantastic beaches, swimming in turquoise waters, local cuisine, a country market, Jurrassic Park and last but not least - Hawaii 50! You know what we mean Cliff! The day flew by and we had a sense of really seeing the true Hawaii. Cliff is a good guy - always barefooted and genuinely interested in making the day a memorable one for his guests. Would highly recommend and hope to return to Hawaii in the future”

Favorite thing we did in Oahu!
“We had a blast on our tour with Cliff! He took us places we would not have seen if we had rented a car on our own. The day was customized for us, we saw Dolphins, sea turtles, beautiful beaches, and the countryside of the mountain. Cliff treated us as if we were friends, he allowed us to go at our pace, and truly made the tour amazing. This was by far the best tour we had while in Oahu!”

Informal, flexible and fun
“We are a family of 5 - 2 teens and 1 eight yo
There was something for everyone - we saw turtles , Dolphins , a macadamia farm, coffee farm, delicious food vans, secluded beaches and private view points to name a few - no tour bus would be able to take you to some of the places that Cliff would take you to!
Cliff knew the island inside out and can recommend anything you want ! Very helpful, punctual and relaxed . Much better than a tour bus and all kids were happy . We had a rainy day sadly however by late afternoon the sun popped out. We still thoroughly enjoyed our day with cliff - can highly recommend !”

Cliff's tour is over the top!
“Cliff is the way to go. We did the whole island as we wanted to see as much as possible. He knows all the secret spots for fun, sun, food (smoked roast beef sandwich, the best you will ever have), drinks (coffee, tea) and treats (wasabi macadamia nuts). He has a "go for it" outlook and makes friends wherever he goes. If you can, I would recommend booking two days, first day could be the whole island tour to see it all and use day two for awesome active hikes, swimming and snorkeling.

To quote Cliff, "make your own adventure" ... "its all about the experience!””

Great day away from the tourist areas
“Today we had a day away from the tourist areas of Waikiki. I booked cliff because when I read his reviews I thought that that was what we wanted to do, get away from all the hustle and bustle and have a look at the real Oahu. I am so glad we did because although we liked Waikiki we loved to see the real beauty of the island which is what Cliff showed us. Cliff took us allover the island visiting off the beaten track places where we seen dolphins, went snorkelling with sea turtles and generally got to see so much that we would have regretted missing out on. So thanks again Cliff for a great day.”

If you like to be off the beaten path you will love Cliff's Tours
“I am a country girl at heart, so I really enjoyed our time with Cliff. He was personable, well informed about a place he obviously loves, and very considerate of our interests. We spent little time in the city, seeing the beauty outside of it and getting a glimpse of where the "real" people lived. Fun stops like a local grocery for their jerky and a lunch at a local chicken place were included. I was impressed with how many places we got to enjoy without feeling rushed at all. His innovative photos were shared with us to add to our own and included some clever add-ons. Highly recommended. We were picked up & returned to our hotel so there was no added transportation expense as was common for many other attractions.”

Cliffs Amazing private tour!!!!!
“Cliffs private tour was AMAZING!!!!!!!!! He took my family and I to all these cool spots in Honolulu. One thing we loved was that all the places we visited were not crowded with other tourists and/or public tour buses. Honestly, if we would have rented a car we would off never found these hidden locations and amazing views of Oahu!!!! Cliff was also able to capture amazing family pics, and created a great family video of our all day tour, which included my mom reporting in Spanish... Yes in Spanish! So it's a must to pay a little extra for Cliffs video making, you won't regret it!!!! Overall, Cliffs tour was beyond fun! My mom, dad, 10 and 18 year old brother and I felt like we had knew Cliff forever! We will never forget Cliff because he made our first Hawaii trip beyond memorable!!!!!! Cliff you Rock!!!”

Tour of Oahu
“Cliff took our family of 8 on an adventure of Oahu. He had the inside info on many sites and gave is a great and personalized tour of the island. I recommend Cliff for a laid-back and enjoyable tour.”

Oahu in a day
“We booked Tour Guide Cliff last week and he did not disappoint. We had an awesome experience. We stayed in Oahu for one day prior to going on our cruise and we left Oahu feeling like we had experience all of Hawaii in one day. Cliff really tailored our tour to our preferences.”

Oahu in a day
“We had Tour Guide Cliff last week. Our tour was really amazing. We felt like we saw all of Hawaii in one day. We hiked, saw turtles and dolphins and much more. Cliff is easy going and tailors to the tour to your specifications.”

Highlight of our trip!
“Mum and I booked with Cliff but didn't have much of an idea of what we wanted to see or do while we were in Hawaii. Cliff had some amazing reviews so we booked a day with him and he more than lived up to what we had heard. Cliff took us around Oahu and accommodated for what we wanted to see and do as well as providing us with some awesome spots that we hadn't heard about, as well as taking photos for us throughout the day. Cliff also told us about spots around Waikiki that we could go to that were near our hotel. This tour gave us memories that we will cherish forever.”

Best insights of Oahu
“Cliff is was an extraordinary guide for our honeymoon in Oahu. He went off his way to make our stay in the island Super Special. He gave us the best insights and local-perspective, which really enriched our visit. Thanks so much Cliff, you truly are the best!
Warm regards from Perú!

Worth every penny
“Thank you Cliff for a fantastic adventurous day for my boys.It couldn't of been any better. We loved it too. Cliff caters to your needs. Hes not a cookie cutter tour guide. He picked up us from our hotel and dropped us off after tour. He was efficient and on time. Very passionate about his business and what we needed for our family. We got to see places of oahu I didn't even knew existed. Kokohead, beautiful beaches and good local food. I highly recommend him immensely. He is awesome ❤❤❤thanks again for your time The Ferony Family”

Highlight of our Oahu trip!
“My husband, 9 and 11 year-old girls are I really appreciated seeing so many highlights of Oahu on our schedule! I knew my family would not tolerate a day on a bus, including tight timing for some stops, and other stops that we weren't that interested in. Cliff had multiple next steps available to us all day, depending on our mood and energy level - we ended up doing an hour-long beach stop (a gorgeous non-touristy beach), amazing food truck for lunch, secret scenic spot, Kualoa Ranch, Japanese temple, and a couple other quick stops. He also took a ton of fabulous family pictures along the way! Thank you, thank you, Cliff!”

If you're not booking a tour with Cliff you are crazy!
“My twin 10 year old sons & I just finished an epic day with Cliff. I have never hired a private tour guide until now, and had doubts about if it was the right path to take for this trip. Cliff answered all of my questions in advance, gave me more pre-booking information and recommendations than I ever could have asked for, and made booking the tour unbelievably easy. Last night Cliff checked in with me wanting to see if we wanted to head out earlier than expected on our tour. Who does that? cliff showed up bright and earlier than originally planned with a steaming box of famous donuts from Leonard's and got is on our way. After fielding some questions from my kids & I to really set the tone for what we needed to do today, Cliff fired out an itinerary he proposed which sounded like an impossible (an exhausting) amount of things to do in a single day. Check out Dolphins & Rays at a posh local resort which eating donuts on a pristine beach? Check. Go on a family friendly & challenging hike to some WW2 pillboxes with the most amazing views of Oahu? Check. Rock climbing? Check. Snorkeling on this amazing beach with his own equipment? Check. Amazing local lunch? Check. Quick Snack & local shopping stop? Best jerky on Oahu? Check out the Jurassic Park site? Pet some live animals and catch a goat napping in a tree? Get escorted to a private waterfall with its own natural swimming hole, rope swing & rock water slides? Check, check. Check, and absolutely freaking CHECK! Did I mention that while all this is going on, Cliff is snapping photos, shooting video, editing photos and constantly making sure that you & your groups desires are being met? I could not have been more impressed with the way Cliff ran his tour, well, our tour, and the interaction & enthusiasm he poured into my kids. Seriously, seeing Oahu with Cliff was the best decision of my trip. Even my 10 year olds told me it was the greatest day ever, and that never happens. The smile I got from that, was worth it all. If it seems expensive, I guarantee that it is not, it will be the best value of your trip and you will never forget it. Neither will my son who ate his first dose of ghost peppers with Cliff.”

Wonderful experience
“This is a must do for first time visitors. Cliff took us to everything we wanted to see and more! Amazing food suggestions also. Plus he took great pictures along the way!”

Absolutely the way to see Oahu!!!!!!
“Thank you Cliff, we could not have had a better day! For those of you wondering if this is a good idea I can assure you it is! Cliff delivers every bit of what he advertises and MORE.”

FUN & SO Accommodating and Flexible!
“Worked with Cliff a couple months before our large group arrived. He took our group of 18 high school seniors around the North Shore. They had a great day jumping off rocks, paddle boarding, swimming and seeing turtles. What I loved about Cliff was that he let the group set the pace. If the kids were having fun, he'd just hang out and never rush them. He kept the day moving and never told us that it was time to go. His philosophy is that he's just taking friends out for the day and that is exactly what it felt like. When you pick Cliff you know exactly what you are getting. If you pick a tour company, then you get whoever was able to drive/tour that day.”

BEST day of vacation!
“Book this tour NOW! Cliff is so much fun! He is super nice! He is incredibly accommodating and so knowledgable about the island of Oahu. Literally can make your must do list happen in a day or come up with an incredible day if you aren't sure what you want to do. Plus he takes incredible pics and sends them all to you free of charge! You won't regret it! He books up fast too so hurry!!!!”

A Day to Remember
“Wow!! What an amazing day!! Everything we wanted to do and more! Cliff is such a fun, knowledgeable, accommodating guide. From our first stop to get malasadas at Leonard's to the incredible finale at Tantamus Lookout, we experienced more in 1 day with Cliff than we could have on our own in a week. An added bonus is that he is an amazing photographer and took pictures of our family at each site. It's a must do on Oahu!!”

Fabulous Cliff!
“What a day! We counted 10 destinations of awesomeness. Hikes, Lookouts, Dolphins, Temples, Local Food that you can't get from a big tour company!! Absolutely awesome to see the many smiles/exhilaration from our fabulous adventures. Call or message Cliff directly-- you will not be disappointed!!”

Great Day!
“We were only going to be in Waikiki for a couple of days so we decided a tour of the island was the way to go. We chose man with a van Cliff and so pleased we did. Cliff picked us up promptly at our hotel in his comfortable van and set off. Cliff asked us what we wanted to do but we left it up to him. He took us to places the big buses never go to. We went to a beach with turtles, we visited a nut plantation had lunch at a food truck stop plus more. Cliff was a mine of information for new and seasoned visitors to Hawaii. Cliff is a young and enthusiastic face on the tourist scene. Highly recommended”

Super Awesome!
“Just had a great tour with Cliff. We'd done no research and just left Cliff take care of us. Also loved the pics he took of us”

Wonderful Day
“Amazing day from Nana to the 7 year old, Cliff was absolutely brilliant ! He took the stress out of everything and we all loved our tour ! Thanks Cliff !!”

“We did it all, and then some!

Dolphins, sea turtles, horses, a monk seal, empty beaches with blue green water, misty mountain lookouts, movie filming locations, shave ice, margaritas, and the best food trucks I have ever eaten.

What I liked from the very beginning is that the first thing our tour guide Cliff asked was "what's on your bucket list? What have you done, not done, heard about? What's your dream day?"

I knew from that point that we were about to begin a really good day.

We really just wanted to eat some good food, see some sights, and escape Waikiki for the day, but what we got was so much more. He even shot photos and video all day for us, edited them real time, and had everything finished by the time we were back to Waikiki.

Thanks Cliff, we will be passing your info on to everyone we know!

K & A”

First Rate Tour with Cliff! Amazing!
“Took my family of four on a fabulous tour of the island with Cliff. It was my kids' first time in Hawaii. He hit each of our to do lists plus more. Great customized tour just for us. He took us to well known as well as out-of-the-way places. We went to cool lava flows, up to the mist of the mountains with the howling wind, and under the sea to watch turtles as we snorkel by. It was an amazing journey with Cliff, and will never forget it. Thanks Cliff! Highly recommend.”

Rad times with the Man in a Van!
“My boyfriend and I booked a tour for June 24, not sure what to expect as this was our first experience with a private tour guide. Cliff is super personable and immediately made us both feel very comfortable. He checked in on what our expectations of the tour would be, but after just a few minutes, we knew it would be best to let Cliff take full control, and he did not disappoint! Although we gave him full reign, he still catered to our personal interests and his photography truly reflected our tour's individuality. Some marine life, amazing views, a little sweat, and a photo and video experience that you will not find anywhere else. Cliff is creative and his wealth of knowledge of the island made this experience unforgettable.
Cliff knows Oahu, Cliff knows paradise!”

A+ Tour and Tour Guide
“My wife and myself took a semi-private tour with Cliff on June 12th and it was a GREAT tour. Right from the outset it was obvious that Cliff wanted to give us the tour that we wanted, not some pre-packaged, set tour. He asked what we were interested in seeing and what places we had already seen and took it from there.
The whole tour is at your pace, none of this stop at xxx place for x minutes then back in the coach to get to the next spot. At each stop you spend as much, or as little, time as you want.
Cliff is very considerate and obliging and goes the extra mile to make sure that he gives you the best tour possible.”

Best tour ever !!!!!
“Cliff is the best !!!! We booked his private tour for 2 days and wish we would have booked all 8 days. He knows all the best spots and things to do on Oahu. He took us to all the hidden spots most tourists miss out on. It's really like cruising around Oahu with a buddy that lives there. Thanks Cliff, you were the best part of our vacation.”

Great way to see all the island has to offer!
“We booked Cliff for a circle island type tour. We had just arrived and were anxious to see what we could do throughout the week. Cliff took us all around the island, making stops along the way at various beaches, views, food truck for lunch yum. He kept my 10 year old and teen occupied the entire time. We saw sea turtles so close you could reach out and touch but didn't. He was very patient with us and continued to answer ALL the questions the 10 year old threw at him. He's full of knowledge and knows all the great places. We continued to use him through the week, when we had questions about places he was a text away. Great Day! I highly recommend Cliff.”

Amazing tour & best tour guide ever!!!
“I went to Hawaii during my pregnancy for a babymoon and the best thing I did was take the tour. Cliff was very accommodating. He also took us to several places where they gave free samples of coffee and nuts. The places he took us were amazing and memorable. He also had recommendations on awesome food stands that we definitely enjoyed! I will definitely be going back to Hawaii along with my son. I know that he will have the perfect places to take us with my baby and it will be easy as Cliff always accommodates. Thank you Cliff for an amazing memorable tour!”

“Had the most amazing time on our tour with Cliff! He went out of his way to make the tour special and accommodate us. He took us everywhere we wanted plus more. Towards the end of the day he realized he forgot to take us somewhere we asked to see and decided to take us out again the next day on his day off just so we didn't miss out! He even went out and bought us Obama and Mclovin licenses while we were doing an activity. I highly recommend him!”

cliff is fantastic!
“such a great way to start our vacation. cliff took us all over Honolulu on a private tour that was worth every penny. it was our first time in Hawaii and we would not have fallen in love with it had it not been for that first day with cliff. such a nice funny guy, knowledgeable and loves his job which helps. the most enjoyable parts of our trip were from his suggestions during our tour. he caters the tour to your needs and he really means it! good food ... good sights ... what more do you want? so glad we decided to go with him instead of doing a large tour. thanks cliff! - ivy & frank”

Best Tour Ever
“Cliff arrived right on time to pick us up. Cliff asked what we had on our wish list and then went over the plan for the day. The only item on our wish list was amazing views, and Cliff absolutely delivered. Everything about the tour was epic. I would definitely recommend Cliff and book another tour with him in a heartbeat.”

“A great time! Awesome sites without the tourist crowds, hiking, and a memorable day for the whole family. Highly recommended.”

Awesome Day
“Cliff came as advertised, my Son and I had an awesome day with the highlights being a hike up KOKO head volcano and a hike to an awesome waterfall, going to a beautiful hidden cliff overlooking the ocean and a hidden beach. Cliff also drove us around the Island so we got to see places we never would have seen otherwise. A friend of mine and his Wife will be going to Oahu soon and recommended they do a tour with Cliff well worth it!!!”

Best Tour Ever!
“We booked a tour with Cliff on our first day in Oahu. We had the best day with him. He picked us up ontime in a spotless van. He took us to places that we would never have seen own our own. We walked on a gorgeous cliff, went to secluded beaches, saw dolphins, horses and turtles and even visited a Japanese temple. He took us to a food truck for the most delicious chicken and a fruit stand that we would never have found on our own. It was such a great way to see an overview of the entire island.

We had a 5 and 8 year old with us and Cliff kept them interested the entire time. I would recommend this tour for anyone who wants to see spots in Oahu that they won't see in the bigger bus tours. When my family visits Oahu again next year, Tour Guide Cliff will be on the top of our list of things to do!”

Great way to experience Oahu
“First day on the island and wanted to get a glimpse of some of the attractions/sights that Oahu had to offer. I'm so glad I booked a tour with Cliff. Got to see the entire coastline of Oahu, and eat amazing local food. He had a ton of great information and kept the entire trip so interesting. Got ro see Dolpnins, turtles, beaches, cliffs, mountains, jungles... Had such a good time today I ended up booking another trip for tomorrow... He knows a ton of off the beaten path, exciting/adventurous places to check out. When my gopro battery died he even let me borrow his spare battery... genuinely a nice guy. Would highly recommend a tour with Cliff.”

Got to see the island
“Had an epic time with my husband and another couple... We had a great time seeing a ton of the island with one of Cliffs tours... He is super laid back and easy going. He is excited to show and experience the activities with you... You end up feeling like you're just with one of your friends. About the tour, really felt like we became part of the culture and experienced the island; saw dolphins up close, beautiful shores and mountain ranges and ate at a great bbq place. He is extremely knowledge about the island. Would recommend it to anyone who wants to enjoy vacation away from the touristy overpopulated places... You will see and experience a ton.”

The Best Tour on the Island!
“Cliff gave us the best possible day on Oahu. He arrived at our hotel for the 8AM pickup at 7:59 sharp. Comfy vehicle, totally flexible with whatever we wanted to do but had so many great semi-secret spots of his own we just let him take us where he thought we'd like. He was a great judge of character and we loved every minute of our full 8 hour tour - even swung by Costco so we could exchange a previous purchase! From amazing Huli chicken, super margaritas and free samples of macadamias and Kona coffee to turtles on a secret beach, this was one for the books. Cliff was laid back but very professional. Highly recommended!”

Epic Day! Cliff crushed it!! Best tour!
“We're really not the typical couple looking for the standard tour but if that's what you're looking for Cliff could do that too! We had previously done a tour from a guy selling them off the sidewalk not even close! Cliff was so personal and prepared for everything! This day exceeded our expectations by far! Feel free to call him if you have any questions you won't be put through some crazy phone system it's his cell phone. He was extremely professional and had a great relationship with all the locals in every place we went. Best tour you can do by far! Absolutely worth every penny!”

An amazing day!
“What an awesome day! Cliff was great and shared his knowledge about the island with us (which wasn't scripted like you'd get on a regular bus tour)

Our day was planned for & by us! Cliff asked us what we wanted to see & do; which was great! Not tell us what we had to do.

We kicked off our day trekking up Koko Head (this nearly killed both of us, lol. But totally worth it) the views from up there were amazing! We went to places that the tour buses definitely wouldn't have gone!
Finishing our day at a brilliant lookout that gave us amazing views of Waikiki.

Cliff also gave us some great places to visit for the remainder of our trip.

I would highly recommend booking a day with Cliff you will be exhausted at the end of the day but not disappointed.

And yes the guy taking you on your tour is actually Cliff!”

Excellent day! So much fun!
“What an awesome day! Cliff was an excellent and knowledgable tour guide who provided us with a customized tour that was full of "off the beaten path" gems that one would not normally experience. We never felt rushed and were able to spend as much or little time at each spot as the group wanted. Cliff also happily took pictures of our day and sent them to us afterwards at no extra cost. It was a great way to see the island, highly recommend!!!”

Awesome tour of Oahu!
“We took a tour with Cliff about a week ago, and couldn't have been happier. We sent Cliff a list of the type of things that we were interested in (nature-oriented highlights Oahu) ahead of time, but were open to suggestions. He was willing to do everything on the list, but he suggested a few alternatives that sounded even better, and they were all worthwhile. We saw great beaches, lookouts, green turtles on the beach and in the ocean, and took a great jungle hike to a nice little waterfall.

Cliff's a sharp guy, and knows some great spots. He listens to you, and gives you choices of where to go, based on your interests. If we're ever back in Oahu, we would definitely book another tour with him.”

Great introduction to Oahu!
“Great first day!

Tour Guide Cliff provided an excellent personalized tour of Oahu. We enjoyed talking to him about life on the island. He took us to places not on the big bus tour route. He also enjoys photography and provided us with some fun photos. Cliff knows the locals and we had great fresh fruit, coffee and shave ice. It was a great way to start our time on Oahu!”

Highlight of our time on Oahu
“We booked a tour with Cliff after reading all of the brilliant reviews and we were not disappointed. We started the day with a little trip to see dolphins, turtles and manta rays and get some all important coffee - what could be better?? Cliff was a great guide, showing us some beautiful view points, local beach spots, even humouring us by tracking down Dog the Bounty Hunter's house for us to take a sneaky photo of ;-) He knows the best local spots off the tourist track and has plenty of ideas up his sleeve for places to go when the weather turns (like it did on our tour).
His penchant for making entertaining videos kept the energy going and made for some pretty silly photos throughout the tour.

What makes this tour extra special is the flexibility to adapt the stops and activities to suit the group. We wanted to do a bit of everything, so we did some hiking at Koko Head, swimming/body boarding at a local beach, lunch at a food truck (yum!), fed the fish and the birds at a Japanese temple, drove down a random road just to see where it went (it went nowhere but it was pretty), stopped to buy banana bread on the side of the road, clambered around the rocks at some amazing look out points and had a singalong session in the car on the way back to Waikiki. Cliff even detoured once we were back in town to take us to Walmart because my friend had never been!

On top of all that, Cliff is a genuinely great guy, he put us at ease from the outset (greeting us outside our hotel with a big high five), asked us lots of questions, shared a lot of his own life story and plans for the future and even invited us out to join him in whatever he was doing that evening (sorry we didn't take you up on that Cliff, we were exhausted after our fun-filled day!)

We would definitely recommend this tour to anyone visiting Oahu, and we'll hopefully be back for another tour sometime in the future.”

Epic Day!!!
“All the previous reviews are completely spot on and even better!!!
Was such a big day filled with everything you could possibly want to do.
We saw dolphins, turtles and horses. Went to secluded spots that you would never of known about. Cliff is a great bloke and makes the day extremely fun and he is very helpful. Will be recommending him to all our friends that come over and will use him again when we are back.”

Tour with Cliff
“What a fun day. We enjoyed every minute. Cliff took us to places we had never been to before plus to the places we requested. We saw a variety of wildlife, beautiful beaches, ate lunch at a local group of food trucks, and visited a macadamia nut farm and a coffee plantation that had the best samples. We did not leave emptyhanded. The other couple on the tour would wholehardedly agree with these comments.”

Champagne Lifestyle
“Wow wow wow!!!!! This was the best vacation experience I've ever had. Cliff was amazing! He got to know us and personalized our entire day. We saw Dolphins, went to some amazing beaches, beautiful views, swimming, went to the temple, saw sea turtles, took us to some great spots that only locals kinda know about. It was just fabulous! The day went by fast but slow at the same time. We drove around the whole island stopping at cool places. Everywhere we went everyone knew him. Overall he's a really caring and genuine person and really wants you to have the best time possible. When you're in the car and talking it's like you're talking to someone who you've known for a long time. I am going to recommend his tours to everyone I know that comes to Waikiki. I feel like I've done everything and it's only our first full day. Thanks for an unforgettable experience Cliff and hope to see you next time we vacation!”

Awesomely Epic Day!
“Tour Guide Cliff will be putting all other tour companies & personal tour guides out of business! My girlfriend and I had an absolutely amazing day. We saw dolphins, ate great food, saw many many turtles, met amazing people, saw epic views, and got to go swimming at a beach thats ranked in the top ten in the world. Oh yea and we got to see the entire island of Waikiki. Lol. He has a very nice camera set up, and he takes amazing pictures, and creates you a personalized video of your expierence.

Now let me tell you the best part of our day....... That was getting to know Cliff. Hes an amazing person, and very passionate about all his guests expierences. It was a private tour and he completely set up our day around the activities we were interested in. Also I am disabled and walk with a cain. Cliff made sure everything we did and saw was handi accessible. You can tell this guy really loves what he does.

Bottom line if your coming to Honolulu, and not sure what to do or where to go call Tour Guide Cliff. He will be the best day of your vaction. When your with Cliff its like reconnecting with a good friend who you havent seen in a while.

My girlfriend and I are in our late 20's, and even though im disabled we have a lot of energy. After a day with Tour Guide Cliff we are absolutely exhausted, and thats how you know that we had an awesomely epic day!!!!!

I obviously would recommend this guy to anybody and everybody. As a matter of fact my brother and his family are coming to Honolulu at the end of this month, and as soon as im done writing this review I will be calling him to make sure he makes a reservation!!!”

Great Day Tour of Oahu
“Cliff took my family of 5 around Oahu one of our vacation days and we had a great time. He was very knowledgable about the island and we liked having someone to drive so we could all enjoy the amazing scenery. He was able to customize our day to what we wanted to do, like we wanted to eat some good local food and he took us to a famous chicken/shrimp food truck, also stopped for some excellent beef jerky and Hawaiin ice. We wanted to do an activity too, so while we were on the road, he called his friend who has a paddle board/kayaking business and when we showed-up we got right on the paddle boards without waiting. We did some type of excursion every day while on the island for a week and the tour with Cliff was definitely the highlight. If you and your family want something more personal than a big tour bus, this is the way to go!”

Tour from Tour Guide Cliff
“I spent a lot of time researching what we could do on our trip to Oahu, and I found Tour Guide Cliff, he offered a tour that would take us all around the island and show us stuff that you normally would not see on tours that you find in the magazines or from the people offering tours on the street, let me tell you he was right, we went places that only someone with a smaller tour van, and a love for this island would go.
He asked us in the beginning what we really wanted to do on this tour, we told him that we wanted to see the most beautiful beach on the island and also that we wanted to see turtles, we hit some very beautiful lookouts to start out and then he took us to lanikai beach, and it was without a doubt the most beautiful beach we have ever seen, cliff delivered for sure, Next he took us to the Pali lookout that was up in the mountains, that overlooks a very beautiful part of Oahu that included lanikai, so incredible, after that he took us to Mikes Huli Chicken for lunch and it was so good? their specialty is wood fired rotisserie chicken and locally grown shrimp that's what I got it was incredible, a meal I will never forget.
Next we went looking for the turtles, Cliff knows all the spots where the turtles hang out, we went to a few different spots before we finally found them, this is where cliff shined he made sure that we saw turtles, and I don't think anybody else would have put that much effort in making sure we were happy.
We stopped by the Dole plantation for some dole whip which I highly recommend it's delicious and you can only get it there and at Disneyland and Disneyworld, the whole time on our tour cliff was very friendly and was very knowledgable about everywhere we went to top it all off he stopped and let us pick up dinner on our way back to our hotel
I highly recommend Tour Guide Cliff, and I will definitely book another tour when I come back, Me and my family had the greatest day ever, and we will never forget it, and that is all in part to Cliff”

Amazing tour!!
“I had such a blast on this tour. Not only was it a very personal and enjoyable experience, but Cliff was very accommodating to my 2 year old. As you know taking a toddler anywhere makes everything take longer and they can get grouchy, but he didn't mind at all and made sure she was happy:) it was such a fun time and I would definently only take a tour with Cliff if I came back again. Nothing can compare!”

The most amazing tour of my life
“This Guy is the real deal, he treats you like you are his freinds instead of customers, is willing to mold his tour to whatever you wanna do, and is really just the best tour guide in Hawaii.”

Amazing Tour
“I booked this based upon trip advisor reviews. All I can say is, wow. Cliff is a down to earth and fun guy who took us all over the island for a private customized tour. We were very pleased to say the least. . And the price was a bargain for what we received, which is an amazing time. Overall, I recommend Cliff the tour guide, without hesitation.”

The real deal tour
“Cliff does not disappoint, based on the many fantastic reviews he's received. He was particularly mindful of our young kids and kept them very entertained with his videos, which he also provided FOC - super photos too! Multi-talented.
We left the days plan in Cliffs hands after a quick Q&A when we met and the whole day was fantastic. Although we covered a lot of ground in one day, the kids were kept so busy and happy that they did not complain about the travel. We visited some amazing cliff tops, swam & body surfed at a beautiful 'secret' beach, stopped to pet horses, crack macadamias, did stand-up paddle boarding, saw turtles & ate at amazing local eateries.
I highly recommend Cliffs tours - you'd be crazy to miss out on his personalised service. Not only is he an excellent host, he is a very interesting & interested young man, which only adds to the value of this experience.
We shall return (when the kids are old enough to jump from the cliff)!!”

Custom Tour of Honolulu Culture
“Cliff whipped up a great custom tour for us. He found a terrific uke class, introduced us to some of his friends, and took us to parts of town we wouldn't have otherwise found. He's energetic, fun to hang out with, and dedicated to making sure everyone gets what they want. Thanks Cliff!”

The experience with Cliff!!!
“We had a very good experience and I definetely recommend him. He takes great photographs as well as covering many sites in one day.”

Incredible day!!
“Cliff was super cool, relaxed, knowledgeable and customized the day for our family of 5. Found him on Trip Advisor, and scheduled very easily on his website! So glad we found Cliff vs doing a bus-cookie cutter tour through our resort. Went all over the island to the coolest places in one day!!! You must schedule ASAP with Cliff! Will not disappoint.”

“Cliff took us numerous places and was patient with older members of group that were not in shape for hiking. Definitely saw things we would bot have seen on our own.”

Our Hawaiian honeymoon
“What to say about our day with Cliff- AMAZING!!

After my husband found "Tour Guide Cliff" on Trip Advisor and saw the great reviews he received, we thought we'd give it a go. Let me tell you, no regrets!

From the moment we booked online, Cliff made contact with us via email to confirm our booking and via phone on the day to let us know he was at our hotel. His customer service was incredible and very professional, which we really loved.

When we met Cliff, we instantly knew we were going to have a great day as he was such a positive person, loved Hawaii and took a genuine interest in getting to know us. Cliff really tried to gauge what activities he could plan for us, so we could have the best possible day in Hawaii. Cliff tailored the day to suit both of our interests. Which let me tell you was a task in itself as my husband and my interests are the complete opposite- so Kudos to Cliff for managing to make sure both of our days were extremely fun, relaxing and memorable.

At each activity/place we visited, Cliff explained the history behind it, allowed us to choose how long we would stay there, gave us our own time & checked in after each activity to see if we still wanted to follow the plan. Cliff organised so many activities (hiking, beautiful beaches, great food and cultural experiences, paddle boarding, movie locations etc) and at no point did our day feel rushed.

Cliff also created a video for us (free of charge) to document our day. We have already watched the video atleast 10 times to remind us of all the fun we had.

At the end of the day, we felt like we had a day out with a good friend. We have already recommended Cliff to friends and family back home (Australia) and friends that are currently visiting Hawaii. Cliff took away the stress and hassle of hiring a car, navigating around the island, and knowing the best places to visit for what we both liked.

Cliff, we cannot thank you enough for the day and the memories we now have. Hawaii is such a beautiful place to visit and and we cannot wait to come back again soon.

Katie & Danny”

Breathtaking tour!! Outstanding guide!
“Where to begin??!!
This tour is fantastic and I would never have to audacity to liken it to a typical tourist bus ride. Cliff will cater the day to cover as much of the things you want to do on the island as physically possible and will take you off the beaten track to get there!! He has a great van and all the attractions we went to were in close proximity to each other so it meant less car time and more time outdoors enjoying your day! It was very clear he has a lot of experience and excellent planning skills to make this day well and truly exceed all your expectations. He has an esky and bottle opener for all drinking enjoyment. Cliff also provided all snorkel gear, spare go pro attachments and batteries. He took video footage on his great camera set up at every destination and will be compiling footage for us at the end of the trip. The list could go on and on!

Stop 1
Cliff's suggestion of an early start to the day was well and truly worthwhile! It meant we arrived at hanauma bay before you had to pay entry to the park or wait in the lines. We watched the beautiful sunrise then started the day with a snorkel, some great photos and videos were taken. We missed the lines and crowds completely as the car park was just beginning to fill up as we left the bay. We had this amazing beach practically to ourselves!

Stop 2
Next stop was a light breakfast (good suggestion on Cliff's part) to go followed by the Koko Head volcano hike. While not for the faint hearted this hike has one of the most rewarding and incredible views at the top I have ever seen. 360 degree views of incredible island terrain and ocean were well and truly worth the hike up there. Our group of 4 have some spectacular group photos and videos, taken on Cliff's awesome camera and video set up as well as multiple shots of us all taken by Cliff on every single one of our own devices! No easy feat! This hike was fantastic.

Stop 3
China walls rock jump. When we visited the surf was too rough to jump in from the rock so we took Cliff's advice to hang out on dry land. This was again another beautiful spot off the beaten trail with great views and a great place to sit and watch the big waves roll in after the big hike!

Stop 4
Makapu world war 2 pill boxes, light house walk and tide pools with volcanic tube blow holes.
So there are two ways to see the views of this hike, Cliff took us up the less travelled path with the highest and most outstanding views and fun rock climbing. Walking down to the rock pools some people had seen whales as this area is a humpback whale siting place during migration season. The pools and blow holes were very fun and great with a group. Again this was off the beaten track and not crowded at all. The hike down was actually harder than the hike back up so don't let that deter you. Mountain goat Cliff also ran ahead to bring the car closer to us once we reached the end of the path!

Stop 5
Kaneki's for lunch
Great local food. Cliff drove further down the road for a great vego option also. Big and tasty feed really hit the spot!

Stop 6
Postcard beach.
Unfortunately for us this gorgeous beach was very windy the day we did this so not ideal swimming but the scenery as promised was very picture perfect and post card worthy. Cliff took more great group shots of us we might have had difficulty getting on a deserted beach!

Stop 7
Aware of the tired legs at this point Cliff then drove us to another great lookout which apparently is windy on a good day and today was blowing an absolute gale! It's impossible to get sick of this scenery, every vantage point has a different ocean outlook and terrain to take in and Cliff knows the best way to get to all of them.

After this Cliff took us back to the hotel for some R&R and get ready for the outstanding adventures we have with him tomorrow!”

WOW! Best tour!!
“I went away with a group of girlfriends to Oahu, Honolulu for 7 nights. We stayed in Waikiki and came across Cliff one night. Cliff was really friendly, genuine and down to earth, more then happy to offer suggestions on places to go, sites to see and activities to do!

Cliff planned a private personalized tour to meet our holiday needs and wishes!

We began the day bright and early to watch the sunrise, beat the crowds and snorkel at beautiful Hanauma Bay. Cliff provided us with snorkeling gear!

Next we headed to Koko head Volcano for a 1000 step hike! Very challenging but absolutely worth it when you see the views at the top! Cliff was really helpful taking photos of us, not to mention the video he compiled for us over the day!

Next we went to check out the China walls which people sometimes jump off the side as long as the waves are not too huge!!

After the China walls we went on another smaller hike/rock climb off the beaten track up Makapu to see some of the best views the island has to offer. On this hike we also saw the WW2 pillboxes and lighthouse. On our way down we stopped at some beautiful rock pools for a dip and watched some of the huge waves crash!

After a busy morning we had certainly worked up an appetite. Cliff took us to have some local Hawaiian food down the road, I got some vegetarian lunch from 'ai love nola' which was amazing! Really healthy, fresh ingredients!

We then stopped off at a lookout point up a bit further to take in some more amazing views.

Cliff picked us up and dropped us off at our hotel in his very comfy van, he provided ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you could think of! the whole day was very reasonably priced! He personalized our day to what we wanted to see and what activities we wanted to do. We beat a lot of the tourist crowds, It was amazing and I couldn't recommend more!”

Hawaiian Highlight
“Host with the most!
Cliff came into our holiday at the perfect time! Having not organised a thing we had the best day seeing all the hidden treasures of Hawaii with our tour guide Cliff. He organised the whole day catered to what we wanted to do, see and experience!
Started off snorkelling at Hanauma Bay, then off to the Koko head for a hike up the 1000 steps (stairway to heaven). AMAZING views and definitely worth the trek! Helped us take crazy photos and made sure we were all good with the hiking!
Only for more beautiful views and another hike up the beautiful country side to China wall rock jump where we swam in gorgeous rock pools and watching the crashing waves hit the rocks. Beautiful retreat!

Then off to a secluded beach with the bluest of waters and more breath taking views.

Food for the tummy Cliff took us to a local modern Hawaiian food takeout and we ate till we couldn't eat anymore!

Well done Cliff what made the best part of the tour is the punctuality, not pushy, friendliness, no rushing from place to place and all the trinkets we didn't have that he had (bottle opener to snorkelling gear to spare GoPro batteries). Oh and awesome comfortable van! Had plenty of knowledge about the island and just all round easy going bloke. Well worth the tour and definitely recommend to others travelling out this side of the world and touring with Cliff.

Tour guide cliff has also made a video and took photos of our adventure which we can't wait to see! Awesome day mate.
Thanks heaps see you next time :)”

Omg what a day.... Perfect way to see Honolulu!!
“My friends and I met Cliff in the spa at our hotel and it was like a god send. We were all very unorganised and had no idea what we would do with our time here in Honolulu for 7 days!
Cliff then told us he was a tour guide and would be happy to take us around off the track and customise the day trip to what we wanted included as well as adding lots of really cool hidden spots and "local" hangs!
Cliff was very punctual and picked us up right on time at 6:15am, we started our day off at Hanauma bay where we got to beat the crowds arriving before it even open and having the added bonus of getting in for free!! We got to snorkel with the beach pretty much empty (he provided snorkels) and got to watch the sunrise!! It was incredible. From there we went and did a challenging hike up Koko head- amazing views at the top! He then took us off the usual touristy trail and took us on a different hike up makapu's beach where we got an amazing view of the beach, makapu's lighthouse and had the added bonus of getting to see how high we had climbed earlier at Koko head...after this Cliff took us off down a beaten track to the makapu's tidal pools which was a very sweet spot!!! We swam here in the rock pools and got to experience the massive waves.. A MUST do!
Cliff took us out for a local Hawaiian meal where we ate until we couldn't eat anymore and was super cheap! We then got to relax for the rest of the afternoon!!
This was the best way by far seeing some of Honolulu, the way the locals do it!!
I could not highly recommend Cliff more! He was very accommodating to our needs and came very prepared.
Thanks heaps Cliff!!!!”

A taste of Oahu
“My husband and I were recently in Honolulu and spent most of our time in the Waikiki area. We were looking for a private tour guide to take us around the rest of the island and drop us off at the airport at the end of the day for our flight home. Cliff was simply excellent! He was quick to respond to emails / messages and was very easy to deal with. Most importantly he was friendly and chilled out-- the whole day was fun and well planned. He took us to a variety of beautiful / hidden spots as well as stopping for amazing local food. Our lunch stop at the island breeze shrimp truck was exquisite- we were served the best lobster dish we tasted throughout the trip!!! Cliff also was very accommodating to our requests and took a slight detour to stop by an art store and the outlet centre to satisfy our shopping needs! Overall, we were very pleased with our decision to book Cliff and would not hesitate to recommend him to family and friends!”

“Cliff picked us up right on time. We wanted to be sure not to miss anything during our stay and he made sure we saw everything we were interested in seeing in one day and then some. He was perfect and this was not like a tour bus but like being picked up by a friend who was excited to show you all the cool things about where they live. It's a must do. Cliff is a great guy. Highly recommend!!!!!! Thanks Cliff.”

Epic day in Oahu!
“I stumbled across Cliff's website and after reading all his amazing reviews, I was sold. I sent him a note and he was super responsive and answered all of my questions. We planned our day for the first day we were in town. He picked us up promptly on time with a nice clean vehicle. He had a nice cooler in the back so we stopped to get some water and drinks for the day. My husband and I are both pretty athletic and fit so we told Cliff we wanted an adventurous day, off the beaten path.
With that in mind, Cliff proceeded to plan an amazing day from start to finish. Throughout the day we kept checking in to make sure we still had the energy to do the things planned. He took us on two amazing and challenging hikes, we jumped off cliffs, we swam in tidepools, we ate lunch at a awesome local spot, went to a very secluded beach, and ended the day at an awesome look out point.
I would book Cliff again in a heartbeat! He made our first day here in town amazing and it allowed us to just relax the next couple days since we did so much in one day.
Job well done Cliff!”

Real Honolulu Off the Beaten Trail
“Cliff helped us do an amazing tour of Waikiki looking for lost local traditions. He brought us to the perfect surf shop, the best local music scene, and generally has a unique and memorable way of seeing the world.”

The Perfect Start To Our Vacation!
“We booked our private tour with Cliff at the beginning of our vacation and So Glad we did!! Cliff gave us all sorts of tips from best places to shop, eat, happy hours, and places to experience. This was really helpful in planning the rest of our week! We wanted our tour with Cliff to be more of a "local" experience, and Cliff did not disappoint. We saw everything on our list and more. We enjoyed gorgeous views, delicious food such as shrimp, lobster, banana lumpia, fresh coconut juice straight out of a coconut, and The Best shaved ice on the island! We also saw lots of wild life, from turtles, birds, fish, and even a mongoose!
We were exhausted by the end of the day! Thank you Cliff! I would highly recommend his tour if you are going to Honolulu.”

Hawaiian adventure!!
“Highly recommend tour guide Cliff! We had an awesome afternoon hike. Instead of taking the usual way with everyone else, we got to experience Makapuʻu lighthouse and tide pools. Plus awesome views of the beach! I will definitely be booking with Cliff on my next visit.”

Experiencing Oahu
“You name it, and then some. Cliff will take you to ANY of your desired destinations, and will show you unforeseen hot spots along the way. He's an entertaining yet chill guy, which makes the road trip around the island very enjoyable. Our group knew the destinations we wanted to hit, but if you are a lazy traveler, you can just say, "Hey Cliff, take us to some cool places," and I guarantee he will show you a great time. Some of my favorite adventures were cliff jumping into indigo blue waters, chilling on pristine white sand beaches, spectating the 20-some kite surfers, and hiking the manoa trail. Oh, I forgot to mention food! For the typical person, Cliff knows the best food in town, but as a vegan, I was pleasantly surprised that he knew of delicious vegan eaterys as well. "Ai Love Nalo" is my favorite vegan restaurant-- its closer to North Shore. I def recommend Cliff as a tour guide because he listens to what you want and goes the extra mile to make sure you are happy.”

CUSTOMIZED our own unique tour! Extreme cliff diving was awesome!
“We were able to see so much of the island due to an experienced guide. Cliff knew how to get around many places I would have never found. It blew away me renting a car and trying to find these hidden treasures on our own. It has always been very stressful driving myself on a strange new island. He knew traffic patterns so we were going opposite of traffic all day. You pick what you want to do and he takes you there and ads commentary to make the trip educational and fun! The customization of the tour as well as the video he shoots makes this a must visit tour for the whole family.”

“I spent two days exploring Oahu with Cliff and I WANT TO DO IT AGAIN! I was absolutely new to the island so I wanted to see as much as possible, and Cliff helped me with that. We hiked extinct volcanoes, conquered several summits, jumped from the cliffs into the crystalline waters, explored gorgeous beaches, saw whales and turtles and much more!
Cliff created a tour for me in accordance with my preferences; he was really attentive and open-minded. I enjoyed his company a lot! He showed me a real Hawaii with its hidden paths and local traditions. Im glad I chose Cliff to show me around, it was the best time ever!”

Best Day on Oahu - so made it two days
“This is the ONLY way to go see the Island. Cliff is the best private tour guide. Best money spent on island. He took us to some awesome places we would never have went to on our own with our two young boys 7 and 9. We went snorkeling in Hanauma Bay which was beautiful, secluded (we went before officially open), and calm waters for the boys. We then made a trip up a scenic hike up a mountain to see the ocean, lighthouse, and some historic pill boxes from WWII. We moved on to have what the boys called the best chicken ever from a fantastic place that we probably would have driven right past on our own. This would have been the case on several occasions. This is exactly the experience we were looking for, without having to be herded around like cattle with all the other "tours" on Oahu. Very reasonably priced (we aren't rich). Since he was such a great guide, and he happen to be available for the next day so we booked him again!!”

The other side of Waikiki.
“While planning our day trip and things to do in Oahu we saw Cliffs website and found it interesting and nice that we have the say where and what to do on a tour so we all decided to book a day with him.

He picked us up at our hotel lobby on time and asked us if what we've seen and done in the island so he can gauge what to offer or suggest things to do. We told him what we liked to do during the day and see (beach, coffee, and food) and we go from there.

It was a nice day from start to finish for we didnt have to rush on stuff and took our time, he doesnt even care if we still keep going or wanting to go see other stuff. Cliff has a really nice personality that I think goes with every one and you can tell he really loves what he's doing.

He gave us ideas where to go for happy hours and restaurants suggestions.

He took us to an amazing shrimp place truck in North shore.

Check out his list of bars for happy hours.

If you are lOoking for a relax and fun day or two in Waikiki/Oahu contact Cliff and you won't be disappointed. ”

Great tour
“Its our first time in Hawaii and we had several tours with different tourist companies. But we were not able to see the rest of the tourist spots that we wanted to see. We also took the four trolley bus lines but it only took us to some tourist spots but don't have time to explore. So my wife searched a private tour guide and she found Cliff tru Yelp. Cliff is the best tourist guide we met. He tried his best to serve our need and he took us to the places that we never saw. He is very patient and very helpful. We also appreciate the tips that he gave us regarding the best stores to shop and places to eat. We will definitely recommend him.. Thank you my friend.”

Best way to see Oahu!
“My partner organised the guide with Cliff as we only had one day to go and enjoy the island, luckily Cliff replied asap and said he could take us at such short notice. I've been to Oahu many times but hadn't seen many of the beautiful spots he took us to. Cliff was very welcoming, easy to talk to, was keen to do everything we wanted to do and knew the best places. The Huli chicken meal was by far the best meal ive had overseas! haha. Our guide went for nearly 9 hours and Cliff didnt change once, he didnt show he was tired even though he did all the driving, the talking and showing us around. So thank you Cliff, from both my partner and I. We have recommended you to all of our friends and family who want to see the sights of Oahu”