Seasonal Wave Sizes | Oahu Hawaii

Hawaii Seasonal Wave Chart

Most visitors to Hawaii don't realize how much the waves change per season, and how that may impact their vacation. In short...

During our Winter (Nov-Feb)

The waves are big on the North Shore (Sunset Beach, Banzai Pipeline, Waimea Bay) and this is when the surf competitions are held.

While the waves are massive up north, our South Shore (Waikiki) is flat.

During our Summer (May-Aug)

We'll give you a dollar for every wave you can find on the North Shore (it's flat and safe for da kiddies.)

Our South Shore (Waikiki) is bigger, but not massive like up north during the winter.

During our Autumn & Spring (in-between)

It's hit or miss, and if you're getting in the water during this time (or anytime really) it's always best to check-in with our life guards.

Our life guards are super chill, very friendly, and they would much rather you ask them questions than to have to save you.