Best Oahu Hikes

Manoa Falls

Easy, family-friendly, a well-defined trail leading to a waterfall.

Diamond Head

Moderate, a popular trail with some steep sections and stairs, great for beginners wanting a bit more challenge.

Lanikai Pillbox

Moderate, short but with steep sections, known for its scenic views.

Makapu'u Lighthouse

Moderate, paved path, relatively easy with an incline, offering stunning coastal views.

Crouching Lion

Moderate to Difficult, steep and can be slippery, offering panoramic views.

Pali Puka

Difficult, steep and narrow sections, not recommended for beginners, with rewarding views.

Koko Head Hiking Tour from Waikiki with Hawaii local guide 04

Koko Head

Very Difficult, steep climb with over 1,000 steps, physically demanding.

Chinaman's Hat

Very Difficult when including the swim or kayak to the island, followed by a short but steep hike.

Ka'au Crater

Extremely Difficult, long and challenging with steep, muddy sections, and requires climbing.

Upper Makua

A challenging ascent through rugged terrain leading to breathtaking views of the Makua Valley and the western coastline of Oahu.


A thrilling and demanding hike featuring three distinct peaks, offering panoramic views and adventurous climbs.

Pali Notches

A historically significant and extremely challenging trail known for its steep, narrow ridges and stunning vistas of the Windward Coast.