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Pearl Harbor

Know before you go...

Pearl Harbor National Memorial, a unit of the National Park Service offers visitors a place to connect with national, international, and personal histories of World War II in the Pacific, ranging from events leading to the December 7, 1941 attack on O Ľahu, to continued peace and reconciliation. The memorial is a ‚Äúplace of remembrance and contemplation of the nature of war and the sacrifices of those who lost their lived during the Pacific War.‚ÄĚ

Pearl Harbor National Memorial is adjacent to Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam and includes the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, two-world class museums, is home to the USS Arizona Memorial, along with the USS Utah, and the USS Oklahoma Memorials (located on Ford Island), the shipwrecks; submerged resources; mooring quays F6 North and South, F7 North and South, and F8 North and South; the six Chief Petty Officer Bungalows; and other historic and archeological sites are tangible features of Battleship Row and the Pearl Harbor environs.

About the Pearl Harbor National Memorial - Pearl Harbor National Memorial (U.S. National Park Service) (nps.gov)

Reservations and tickets are not required to enter the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, Pearl Harbor National Memorial, walk the grounds, or visit the museums.

Reservations via Recreation.gov are strongly recommended for those wanting to participate in the time & capacity dependent USS Arizona Memorial Program. The same day, walk-in first-come first-served ticket distribution program has been discontinued.

Pearl Harbor National Memorial Rangers and Volunteers cannot accurately predict standby availability or wait times. During times of peak visitation (Spring Break, Summer Break, Thanksgiving Break, and Winter Break) the standby program may be discontinued.The Pacific Fleet Submarine Museum, Battleship Missouri, and Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum are separate and independent sites not managed by the National Park Service. Please visit their respective websites for additional information and rates.

Pearl Harbor National Memorial, the visitor center, and the USS Arizona Memorial is open 362 days a year from 7 am - 5 pm. The park is closed Thanksgiving Day (varies), Christmas Day (12/25), and New Year's Day (01/01)

If inclement weather or public safety emergency is imminent, closure announcements will be made here on our website and via our social media channels.

Additional Information on Operating Hours and Seasons

Yes. National Park Service facilitated USS Arizona Memorial programs are running (weather and safety permitting) as of January 6, 2022.

Every effort will be made to monitor the repairs made to the dock so that visits to the USS Arizona Memorial can remain as uninterrupted as possible.

However, additional repairs may be needed and may still occur on short notice.

The USS Arizona Memorial Program is approximately 45-minute program facilitated by the National Park Service in partnership with the US Navy.

Programs run daily, every 30 minutes from 8 am - 3:30 pm. Currently this program only includes the US Navy provided boat shuttle to the memorial, time on the memorial, and a return trip back to the Visitor Center.

The park film can be viewed on the open air lanai behind the education building at any time.

Tickets via recreation.gov are free and strongly recommended. The first-come first-served ticket distribution program has been discontinued, you can however ask a Park Ranger or Volunteer about the availability of standby for space available seating.

Pearl Harbor National Memorial Rangers and Volunteers cannot accurately predict standby availability or wait times. During times of peak visitation (Spring Break, Summer Break, Thanksgiving Break, and Winter Break) the standby program may be discontinued.

It is never to early to start planning your trip to Pearl Harbor National Memorial.

Reservations are released daily at 3 p.m. HST in two windows: 24-hours and 8-weeks in advance. So for example on January 1, tickets were released for January 2 and February 26.

Reservations are 100% online and are only available via www.recreation.gov.

The walk-in first-come first-served ticket distribution program has been discontinued.

Park Staff do not have the ability to make, modify, or cancel reservations.

If you are navigating recreation.gov and see a "Not Yet Released" notification, there should be an alert that will tell you when those tickets will be available.

Recreation.gov is the only official reservation website for Pearl Harbor National Memorial’s USS Arizona Memorial Program. If you used any other website to reserve a tour, please read the fine print.

The USS Arizona Memorial Program is free, recreation.gov charges and keeps the $1 non-refundable program reservation fee.

Tickets are non-transferable and not for resale. Ticket reservations may not be made by commercial operators or agencies except as provided under the terms of a Commercial Use Authorization with the park.

Step-by-step guidance on booking through recreation.gov:

Click Sign In or Sign Up to log in to your account or create a new one

Visit the page for USS Arizona Memorial Program reservations

Click the Calendar Icon button under the Date field. Update the number of tickets you are reserving under the Quantity field.

The current limit is 10 tickets per reservation per day. Everyone needs a ticket, including infants and small children. You may have to make multiple reservations to reach the desired number of tickets.

Select your program time from the available Tour Times.

If specific dates and times are gray, those dates and program times have either been fully reserved or we are not within the window to preview availability.

If dates are yellow, tickets for those dates have not been released yet, but are within the window to preview availability, an alert will pop up on the bottom of the website informing you when the next release will be.

Blue dates and program times are available.

Click Add to Cart and check out as directed.

There is a $1 per ticket non-refundable program management fee. This fee is not collected by the National Park Service, it is collected by Recreation.gov and kept by Recreation.gov. 

Check your e-mail and print your QR Code for check in at the Ticket Validation Desk at the Pearl Harbor Theater.

It is strongly recommended that you arrive on site at least 1-hour prior to your scheduled program time.

Your program time is when your US Navy provided vessel is scheduled to depart the shore side dock.

If you do not arrive and check in early for your program on time, your seats may be given to those waiting in line for standby availability.

Your QR Code will be located in a pdf attachment at the bottom of your confirmation email.

Need assistance?

Park Rangers cannot create, modify, rebook, refund any reservations from Recreation.gov or third party sites. If you would like to reschedule your reservation, you will need to make a new one entirely.

You can contact recreation.gov for additional help via any of the options listed on their website, or your third party sale site directly.

Yes! There are many other things to do on site. Tickets are not required to enter, visit the museums, walk the grounds, or watch the park film at this time.

Ranger Tips for Visiting Pearl Harbor National Memorial

Pearl Harbor National Memorial strongly advises that you plan to arrive on site 1-hour before your scheduled program time and check in 10-minutes before your program time.

This information is also available on Recreation.gov and found on your reservation (PDF and print form).

If you missed your program time, you may be offered standby availability. Standby is offered on a first-come first-served basis and you may have to wait your turn for space available program seats. Rangers are unable to accuratly predict wait times.

Or you can make a new reservation via Recreation.gov.

There are a lot of things to do if you are unable to wait for standby seats:

Ranger Tips for Visiting Pearl Harbor National Memorial.

Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, National Memorial, USS Arizona, Oklahoma, and Utah Memorials are fee free sites, the National Park Service does not collect any fees and cannot offer refunds.

Recreation.gov clearly states that there are no refunds or rebooking’s offered for the USS Arizona Memorial $1 non-refundable per ticket fee.

If you booked a ticket through a third-party site review your confirmation email and reach out to them directly for additional questions or requests.

Recreation.gov Rates, Refunds and Contact Information:

USS Arizona Memorial Rates


General Admission $0.00

Reservation Fee $1.00 per ticket, nonrefundable

Contact Us | Recreation.gov - External (servicenowservices.com)

Reservation line (Toll-Free)
(877) 444-6777

Reservation line (International)
(606) 515-6777

Reservation line (TDD)
(877) 833-6777

Hours of operation:

Every day from: 10 a.m. ‚Äď 12 a.m. EST.

Closed on: Thanksgiving Day (varies), Christmas Day (12/25), and New Year's Day (01/01)

The park film is currently being showing on our open-air lanai behind the education building.

Due to copyright issues, the film is only available on-site at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center and cannot be shared digitally.

With over 120,000 visitors spending 2-8 days on the island of Oahu, 43,000 visitors arriving on the island of Oahu daily and just about 2,300 time & capacity dependent reservations available, we simply cannot protect the resource and meet the interest of the public for access.

The furthest out that reservations are available are 8-weeks out, so your preferred date may not be available yet.

Make sure you to look for recreation.gov alerts.

During times of peak visitation (Winter Break, Spring Break, Summer Break, and Thanksgiving) reservations are highly recommended and will be high demand.

Reservations especially during Summer Break can be reserved in a matter of moments.

Tour companies are not buying them up.

Permitted transportation companies have a separate site and separate dedicated times to reserve, this process is closely monitored to ensure proper usage, if violations are found tour operators put their National Park Service transportation permit in jeopardy.

Pearl Harbor National Memorial Park Rangers monitor for Bots. Bots are very easy for Park Rangers to identify, as are their users.

The USS Oklahoma and USS Utah Memorials are located on Ford Island, an active duty naval base.

The USS Oklahoma Memorial is located just before the entrance to the Battleship Missouri Memorial.

Unfortunately, at this time the USS Utah Memorial is only open to those visitors with an active duty military ID.

Firstly, thank you so much for your service.

Secondly, just like everyone else.

Pearl Harbor National Memorial is mandated to provide free, fair, and equal access to all visitors regardless of military affiliation.

Reservations are still recommended for the USS Arizona Memorial program.

There is not an online field required or available for Military IDs, Military National Park Service passes, Veterans Passes, or Access passes.

Entrance to the visitor center and tickets for the USS Arizona Memorial program are already free, so there is no need for an ID or National Park Service pass at Pearl Harbor National Memorial. We do not sell the passes. However, you can purchase them online.

Pearl Harbor National Memorial only accepts reservations made via Recreation.gov.

GroupOn and Go Oahu cards are not valid for National Park Service facilitated programs.

Please read the fine print on any purchase made via third party booking sites.

To have a reserved program time please utilze recreation.gov or be prepaired to wait in the standby line for space available seating.

We have a no bag policy. Bags that offer concealment, such as purses, handbags, backpacks, fanny packs, camera bags, diaper bags, luggage, etc. that exceed the measurements of 1.5" X 2.25" X 5.5," are not allowed at the monument.

The Pacific Fleet Submarine Museum operates a baggage storage facility near the entrance to the visitor center.

There is a fee per bag for all sizes, including luggage. Visitors may use the same bag storage and parking stall for visits to all Pearl Harbor Historic Sites.

Security measures are strictly enforced at all visitor destinations on Pearl Harbor.

Food and non-alcoholic beverages are permitted on site, only water is permitted inside the museums, theaters, on US Navy vessels, and on USS Arizona Memorial.

Please stay hydrated and remember to #RecreateResponsibly - Pack it in and Pack it out.

Taking everything out with you that you brought in helps keep Pearl Harbor clean and pristine.

If you have a medical issue that may require the use of a medical bag that might offer concealment you must disclose this to security, bags that offer concealment are still subject to screening.

Bags, can only carry the medically required items. Final say rests with the Park Security Rangers. Please allow extra time for bag screenings.

Additional information on the Park Bag Policy

Pearl Harbor National Memorial is an accessible site, there are no hills, paths are mostly flat.

There are benches placed around the visitor center and wheelchair locks on the US Navy provided vessels that transport visitors back and forth to the Memorial.

Wheelchairs are not available for rent at the park.

Rollators, a wheeled version of a walker with a seat, are the source of the most common traumatic injury requiring hospitalization at Pearl Harbor National Memorial.

Rollators are considered a walking aid by the manufacturers and not a substitute for a wheelchair.

The rollator seat is designed for resting but not for being pushed or for significant weight-bearing while moving.

Please use caution while visiting PHNM to make sure your family and friends with additional mobility needs have a safe and enjoyable visit.

Motorized mobility devices are also welcome at the Visitor Center and on US Navy Vessels, and the USS Arizona Memorial.

Strollers are also welcome on site but can only go so far as the USS Arizona Memorial pre-boarding area at the Park Theater.

Strollers are not permitted on US Navy vessels or the USS Arizona Memorial, please plan to bring a baby carrier if needed.

All ages are welcome at Pearl Harbor National Memorial.

Those with small children or infants should be aware of a few visitation tips:

If utilizing Recreation.gov, everyone needs a ticket for the USS Arizona Memorial program, including small infants and children. This is due to US Navy and Coast Guard safety regulations for boat capacity and life jackets.

Strollers and wagons are welcome on site but can only go so far as the USS Arizona Memorial pre-boarding area at the Park Theater.

Strollers are not permitted on US Navy vessels or the USS Arizona Memorial, please plan to bring a baby carrier if needed.

Pearl Harbor National Memorial has a strict no bag policy so in order to accomidate diaper needs and such, it is suggested that parents or care-givers put the needed items in a clear ziplock like bag then place the bag in the attached understroller seat, this way the bag does not offer concealment, keeps the items from flying away, and you have what you need.

Because Pearl Harbor National Memorial has a no bag policy, it is recommended that you bring snacks and water bottles that you can carry.

There is a small snack shop on site that carries various sundry snacks and cold beverages.

There are water fountatins located throughout the park to use or refil water bottles with.

#RecreateResponsibly - Pack it in and Pack it out. Taking everything out with you that you brought in helps keep Pearl Harbor clean and pristine.

You can also use your prefered internet search engine to research other near by eatieries.

Visitors are reminded that they are visiting a site of tremendous loss of life in service to our country.

The USS Arizona Memorial marks a final resting place for hundreds and a space for remembrance and reflection by millions more.

Considering this, we recommend visitors recognize appropriate dress and personal standards.

Military visitors to the memorial are within the bounds of Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, and military regulations relating to military dress are enforced by Navy personnel.

Per COMNAVREG Hawaii Instruction 1020.2N, military visitors in uniform are required to dress in Class B or better in order to gain access to the USS Arizona Memorial.

Battle dress uniform is not allowed on the memorial, though it is allowed throughout the visitor center and at sites on Ford Island.

Military visitors are welcome to wear civilian attire when visiting.

We would like to advise that you come prepared to be on your feet, so comfortable shoes are strongly recommended, having a hat, sunglasses and reef-safe sunscreen are also strongly suggested.

Make sure you visit our education page to find out more!

Plans are still being finalized, please check back with us in the Fall, announcements will be made via our website and our social media pages.

We do! Please email us; provide your name, contact email (please make sure it is spelled correctly), description of the item and location last seen.

If you lost your item at the Battleship Missouri, Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum, Pacific Fleet Submarine Museum, or the bookstore please reach out to them directly at Pearlharborstorage@thessagroup.com

The Pearl Harbor Historic Site Partners, are separate and independent sites, not managed by the National Park Service.

For information on operating hours and health & safety considerations please visit their respective websites.

You can purchase the Pacific Historic Parks Audio Tour, VR Experience, Deluxe Tour, or admission to any of the other sites the day of your visit as your schedule allows.

These sites and activities are not time or capacity dependent.

Pacific Historic Parks, the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center bookstore manager, Audio Tour, Deluxe Tour, & VR Center

Battleship Missouri MemorialPacific Fleet Submarine Museum, formerly the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park

Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum