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Learn a few easy smartphone photo tips and you'll have much better vacation photos & better memories forever.

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Use Reflections

Get close to the water & look for symmetry.

Frame Subjects

Put them between anything.

Behind the Scene

Shoot people shooting.

Get in the Scene

Show POV.

Create Depth

Blur something close.

Capture Motion

Look for unique movement.

Use Leading Lines

Lead the eyes to a point.

Show the Camera

Extend towards the camera.

Capture Emotions

Find real, un-staged moments.

Show Detail

Get in really close.

Level Horizons

Keep them straight.

Show Highlights

Show what's special.

Make People Think

Show something unusual.

Look Up

Get really close and look straight up.

Look Back

Don't forget to look behind you.

Try Portrait Mode

It nicely blurs for you.

Plan a Background

Think about what's behind the subject.

Get Low

Shoot from a mouse's POV.

Shoot Food Close

Fill the entire frame.

Shoot Ground Level

Dig your phone into the ground.

Layer for Depth

Keep a little foreground & blur it.

Stage a Set

Plan a staged photoshoot.

Risk Your Camera

Get the shot others are afraid to get.

Highlight Uniqueness

Find something special about a place.

Include a Dog

animals are cute

Look for Symmetry

Easy to find with structures.

Find Neat Signs

Especially location specific signs.

Blur the Foreground

Peek through leaves, blinds, etc.

Shoot at Night

Test your low-light capabilities.

Look Up

Get close and look up.

Shoot the Street

Find an art district, or just walk and shoot.

Get in Nature

Get outside and explore.

Look for Wind

Find anything affected by wind.

Shoot thru Leaves

Shoot thru absolutely anything.

Lead the Eyes

Use lines, light, or lines of light!

Choose 1 Subject

Focus on just one thing.

Show Scale

Show size relation between subjects.

Clean Backgrounds

Avoid subjects on busy backgrunds.

Try Black & White

Great with light & shadows.

Shoot Pets Low

Shoot them from their POV.

Shoot thru Fences

Fences make good frame & create depth.

Get Closer

Put your phone against the subject.

Know Your Subject

Identify a single subject before shooting.

Rules of 3's

Things look good in 3's, 5's, 7's but not 9's.

Shoot Cars Low

Low angles make things look big & powerful.

Show the Grit

Get close to rough textures.

Shoot Landmarks

They're landmarks for a reason.

Get in the Water

Put your camera 1 cm above the water.

Compose Balance

Create balance through symetry.

Try New Tech

Like a 360 camera

Show History

Find anything cool with dates.

Highlight the Best

Spotlight anything that's "the best."

Show Scale

Put little things next to large things.

Reverse Scale

Make small things look larger.

Get Ground Shots

Turn your phone upside down to get close.

Hide the Sun

Put the sun behind the subject.

Turn & Look

Don't always face camera head on.

Fill the Frame

Make the subject fill up the frame.

Look for Texture

Get really close, especially with food.

Shoot Deserts

Deserts always look goodβ€”get close!

Find Small Animals

Shoot at their POV.

Show Eating

Shoot people mid-bite.

Shoot Selfies

Show what other camera's can't see.

Center a Subject

Works well with X-Y symmetric subjects.

Shoot with Friends

Practice, share, & learn together!

Find Swings & Things

Find swings, wings & things.

Get Close to Animals

Get really close to animals.

Blur it

Expriment with blurring anything.

Show the Shine

Find anything reflective.

Go the Extra Mile

Commit to inconvenienceβ€”get wet or dirty.

Get in the Grass

Smash your phone into the grass.

Shoot Sunglasses

Wait til you start staging them!

Shoot at Eye Level

Shoot at or below their eye level.

Use Props

Bring something to do something with.

Find something really cool.

Find Tall Stuff

Look for anything tall, especially if organized.

Get Cheesy

Google cheesy photos for ideas.

Shoot After Rain

Many times rainbows come out after rain.

Shoot at Sunset

Shoot an hour before sunset and stay after.

Leave Space

Exagerate space above, below, or beside.

Shoot Thumbnails

What would make you stop your scroll?

Shoot Water Reflections

Capture reflections in water & flip the photo so the subject's "right side up."

Shoot Behind Flowers

Get low & shoot from behind pretty flowers.

Make Animals Bigger

Get low & have your subject crouch behind animals.

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